5 Ways to Instantly Gain Confidence

Some days we wake up, and we’ve just got it. We’re on fire, and we’re ready to kick butt. Do you know that feeling? It’s a certain swagger, or belief in yourself. It’s a little voice inside saying, “Today, I am going to do it all, and do it all well!”

But what happens when that voice decides to sleep in or take a vacation without giving notice? Is there a way to get it back or give it a little boost? We believe so! We are sharing our secrets to conquer a lack of confidence.

To read more on this topic, this post was inspired by Joanna Goddard’s A Cup of Jo blog post as well as Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on power poses, which are postures that boost confidence while actually changing our brain chemistry to affect positive change.

1. Thirty Minutes of Cardio Everyday—No Excuses!

Nothing alleviates stress and doubt more than a good run. Sometimes I have to physically put yesterday behind me, including that late night piece of chocolate or conversations that are stuck on replay in my mind. Getting my limbs and endorphins pumping seems to dissipate whatever I am hanging on to. My body is ready to embrace the day ahead, and my mind is a clean slate. If I have time after my run, I do some journaling or meditation. There’s no better self-care than this, and I make it a point to do it every day. If I’m no good for me, then I’m no good for anyone or anything else.

2. Do Something Simple That You Know You’re Good At

If you’re like me, this will change based on time limitations in your schedule, but the truth is it can be a harsh world. Starting your day with a positive mindset will set the tone for the day to come, especially with any aspects that are out of our control. And if you don’t have time for one of your talents like photography, makeup artistry, or a crossword puzzle, then chose something small like preparing breakfast, making a list, or styling your clothes. Then attack the rest of your day.

3. Smile at Yourself in the Mirror

Let’s face it, we don’t go to work with a toothpaste ring around our mouths, so when you look in the mirror in the morning or at any point during the day, notice yourself, and smile. This smile isn’t for anyone else. This smile is for you. Enjoy it!

4. Give yourself a pep talk: Say, “I am awesome.”

This one is potentially the cheesiest. I promise I don’t walk around proclaiming my awesomeness aloud. Maybe I will use Kathryn as an example: When you talk to her about her experience as a trial attorney, she will tell you that you can never know enough to be prepared for everything that will come at you in the courtroom. So in order to be a good attorney, you must have an air about you that says, “I am ready for anything, and there is no one better than me to handle this situation.” You don’t walk around cocky, but instead you channel authority.

5. Spread Your Confidence to Others

For some reason when I’m around a group of people and they are relying on me to take the reins, my confidence comes easier. When it’s just up to me, I can start to doubt myself, which helps me empathize with others and is why I love spreading encouragement. When I’m cheering others on and telling them they can do it, all of that positivity and steadfast belief comes back to me. We feed off each other’s growing confidence.

Okay, so what about you? What kind of tricks and tips do you use to give yourself a little daily confidence boost? Let us know in the comments!

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