8 stylish ways to create a fun tablescape this Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving table this year shows my love of contrast between nature and rawness against polished and refined.  To personalize this idea for your own table, all you need is a little creativity and play around with what you may already own, like china or jewelry, and mix that with touches of nature, like wheat and berries. Here are 8 last minute festive Thanksgiving tablescape ideas that are stylish and will not break the bank.


8. Mini chalkboard place cards

Place cards take the guess work out of where to sit, even for family and close friends. I love these mini chalkboard place cards because they are cute and environmentally friendly. Wipe them clean after dinner and use them over and over again.


7. Mix & match china patterns

Experimenting with different china patterns is unexpected and brings your table to life. It is also a great solution for having too many guests and not enough plates.


6. Use your silver pieces in conjunction with less expensive items

I love using wood, bamboo or horn with my silver pieces. The earthiness of natural material creates a beautiful contrast against the shiny silver.


5. Appreciate hunting treasures

I grew up on a working farm and we ate what we raised and hunted. It taught me a lot about life, values, and necessities. So in honor of that, I added a touch of nature to my decor with these beautiful pheasants that my husband caught and we are eating this Thanksgiving.


4. Berries make everything nice

To bring some color and warmth to your table, simply add dried red berries to any wreath and just add a colorful candle for warmth.


3. Incorporate some wheat or hay bales

Sometimes the simplest things can also be the most elegant.   For more touches of nature, be creative with wheat and hay.


2. Placemats for kids wanting to sit at the big table

What makes get-togethers fun is that everyone feels comfortable, happy and included.


1. Take costume jewelry & use as napkin rings

Share your personal style and turn your jewelry into beautiful napkin rings.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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