A Week in the Life of Model Behaviors

On The Monday Menu, we embraced the cleansing and harmonious power of beets with my recipe for Candied Apple Ginger juice.

For our Song of the Week, the French dance beats of “Toho” by Yelle got our feet moving.

It wouldn’t be the end of one year and the beginning of another if we didn’t all take a moment to reflect. See what each Behaviorist hopes for 2015.

For Thursday, all I can say is Happy New Year!

And on Friday, I got a little va-va-voom with a 1940s bombshell look. Many thanks to Kelly Whaley for her assistance.

I know I keep pestering you about signing up for our mailing list, but really, you’re going to want to sign up because tomorrow we’re sending out a very special announcement to our subscribers only. With a new year rolling in, we’re going to start shaking things up around here. One of the most important items on our agenda is making sure Model Behaviors mailing list subscribers are always the first to know about any exciting news. We also want to make sure there are perks to subscribing. If you sign up, you’ll find out exactly what we mean tomorrow morning!

That’s it for this week, lovelies. Suck in a deep breath, straighten your shoulders, and march on and on and on. We’re off to start a brand-new adventure!

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