A Week in the Life of Model Behaviors

I get competitive with my taco recipes. On The Monday Menu is one of my faves, New Mexico Style Pulled Pork Tacos.

Our Song of the Week takes us into the hearts of “Bad Girls” everywhere. (Have you followed my playlist on Rdio?)

Need some beauty therapy? Meet our latest Behaviorist and Beauty Expert, Barbara Guillaume. We’re so lucky to have this goddess join us!

Being the woman who does it all is hard work! On Thursday, did you see our tips for staying productive but sane during the holidays?

To close out the week on Friday, our Resident Doula, Hannah, separated the FACT from the MYTH when it comes to conception.


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As we end one week and begin another, remember these things. Give all the hugs and kisses you can, don’t hesitate to say “I love you,” and strive, strive, strive for the good things you deserve. On to a new week!

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