Adventure to Southern Utah

Through my years in fashion, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and experience so many fantastic places. I just can’t get enough of seeing all there is to see, learning about other wonderful cultures, and observing how people around the world approach life. The more I see, the smaller I feel, and I love that feeling.

I’m an explorer, always in search of the next uncharted destination, but one of my biggest travel failures is my forgetfulness of all this country has to offer. I should know better. I’m from New Mexico, the American Southwest, and I’m ashamed that I haven’t traipsed through some of the other states that make up this region. Here, majestic mountains hold stories so old and still, rock formations appear purposeful, fist-poured by God. Indulge your wanderlust spirit and explore the immense power and dramatic landscapes of Southern Utah.

Come back tomorrow to learn more about the magical resort nestled in between towering plateaus with the most spectacular views…

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