and, my fashion philosophy

I remember walking into work one day in my newly purchased second-hand threads, when the art director looked in my direction and said, “That’s so five seasons ago.”

“And?”  I replied, more of a statement than a question.

Never one to shy away from verbal tit-for-tat, I decided that and was all I needed to say.  And—meaning, what’s your point—became my fashion philosophy ever since.

I buy what I love.  And, I neither put purchases on pedestals nor in hard to reach places because I don’t believe in coveting.  I believe in cherishing.  If I want it, I buy it and if I can’t afford it, then I choose another way to rock the same trend.  Or better yet, I wait five seasons until it’s at a resale shop for a quarter of the price.

But little did the art director know that this chola grew up on the border of Mexico, where I learned how to defend my sense of self and style at a very young age.  See, growing up I had two things working against me: a limited clothing allowance and legs trying to outgrow the rest of my body at a rapid rate.  This spurred Mom into action, sewing lace trim to the bottoms of my high waters, and unraveling any hope for a social life.  Despite my growing hate-hate relationship with capris, I realized that it wasn’t just a cliché; fashion wasn’t about what I wore, but how I wore it.  I was the key to that statement, because fashion was and is a part of my space and me.

To elaborate, Space—by Model Behaviors’ definition—is everything that surrounds us.  Whether it’s our wardrobe or our home, our space should reflect our true selves.  And given our complexity, we should embrace many different styles.

That’s why I’m excited to explore new avenues of fashion and design each season together, and create themes to help guide our journeys.  Our theme for fall 2013 is Rock ‘n’ roll in Native New Mexico.

You saw the video, now meet the team and check out some behind-the-scenes photos to find out where you can purchase these hot items and get started on your own fall fashion journey.

Until Next Season,



Photographer: David Dobson

Stylist: Barri Martin-Pautz 

Hair & Makeup Artist:  Kelly Whaley @ Kim Dawson Agency


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