Being Thankful: One of the Best Ways to Self-Care

Model Behaviors is for the women who do it all, who have the family and the dream job, who run their own company and pursue creative interests, who jet-set around the world and obtain advanced degrees back home.

There’s one thing, though, that tends to slip to the back burner with this go-go-go mentality—self-care.

Inside the hearts of brilliant, multitasking women is a burning drive to accomplish every single thing and then some. We give up sleep. We take meals on the go. We squeeze it all in, and we push ourselves. This drive never turns off.

Intellectually, we know that this sort of existence is not sustainable, but it’s easy to ignore our better judgment and keep pushing ourselves. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Model Behaviors crew wants to take a moment, and check in with everyone to see how you thank yourselves, and what you’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving.


Toni: I run and journal every day. They’re the two things that I do to reward my body and my mind because when they’re in harmony so is my life. This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my supportive family that embraces my authentic self, my dearest friendships that hold me up, while still holding me accountable, and for our Model Behaviors community that continues to inspire me and grow with each passing day.

Barbara: I meditate every day and say my mantra. This helps me stay focused and in the moment! Keeps the monkey chatter away!! This Thanksgiving I am grateful for everything that has happened to me in the last year, including the hard times and the difficulties, as I know now they were necessary for my growth. I’m thankful for my beautiful son, who is the center of my life and gives me so much joy, and for my friends who are always showing me their love and support.

Bulaong: I go for walks and do yoga every day. This helps refocus and realign my body, mind, and spirit to my purpose in life. This Thanksgiving I am appreciative of my ability to live in the struggle because it has helped me grow and learn about my authentic self and build a resilient spirit. I’m thankful for my family and friends who allow my strength to influence their lives but also provide me space to be vulnerable and the space to share my voice and story with others.

Hannah: Every day I thank myself for being me by giving love instead of negativity to people in my everyday life. Giving love feels so much better and makes my day brighter. I am the most thankful for the abundance of love and people around me. My family is the vessel to contain that love, and without a strong container, it couldn’t be held so powerfully or lead to so much opportunity for growth, creativity, and fullness! I feel so very full!

Kathryn: I try to slow down to giggle with my kids, toast a blessing with my husband, or push my limits on a solo run so my mind can unwind, or better yet, I schedule a spa day. I am thankful to God for the incredible blessings that have come to pass that were totally and completely out of my control. The richness of relationships I couldn’t have dreamed up for myself, travel, education, time, and for a life perspective that continues to change allowing me to appreciate things that I otherwise may have missed if I was merely hardwired to go.

Courtney: As a way of showing my mind and body a little appreciation, I take slow, ambling walks in the afternoon. While out and about, I give myself permission to stop and look at things. I’m most thankful for my family, both immediate and extended, including the friends who’ve become family. I love that we always get together and laugh, even when it’s not Thanksgiving, but throwing in a big feast makes it that much better. I’m so grateful for each of my loved ones.

So now we’d love to hear from you guys! Let us know what you’re thankful for today and how you take care of yourselves.

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