Carry That Weight

Did you know that today across the nation people are carrying mattresses or pillows to stand in solidarity to support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence? And as Domestic Violence Awareness month comes to a close, awareness doesn’t need to end. We at Model Behaviors would like to finish this month with a strong resolution to continue listening to survivor stories, having difficult discussions, and educating the community so that we can one day triumph over these issues.

Our Behaviorist Barbara is helping to #carrythatweight, even while she's on the job at a client's house.

For those not familiar, this movement started as a performance art piece by Emma Sulkowicz as a part of her senior art thesis. After being raped in her dorm room at Columbia University by another student, she found out two other women had been sexually assaulted by the same person. The three women came forward, and ultimately, the Ivy League school dismissed her case, finding the accused student not responsible. During her last year at the University, Ms. Sulkowicz has vowed to carry a dorm mattress, like the one she was raped on, everywhere on campus until she graduates or her rapist leaves the school.


Join us, and thousands of others, today in the Carry That Weight Together movement. Because regardless of whether you are on a college campus or not, we all carry the weight of this burden. Carry a pillow, and share this movement and the importance of it with your friends.


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