Get the Look: Inner-Outerwear

August 22, 2014

Sometimes lingerie is just too beautiful to cover up. In fact, a little brassiere action might spice up a dull outfit. You can take the right innerwear and turn it into outerwear, especially in the summer or transitional time period...

By Toni

Does Your Man Need A style Intervention?

August 13, 2014

By way of introduction, a confession: Now that I’m married, I can finally admit that it took everything in me to keep from styling my husband (then boyfriend) while we were dating. It wasn’t that he was a bad dresser, but our styles...

By Toni

Toni’s Top Ten Summer Reads

June 27, 2014

Summer is the perfect time to find a little extra time to slow down and unwind. Whether you’ll be on the beach or in your favorite lazy chair, a good book is the perfect addition.  To help you pick just the right one, we pulled...

By Toni

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!

June 20, 2014

Come! Sit! Stay! Listen! Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day! And, it’s a known fact that dogs relieve stress.  So plan on taking your smoochie pooch to the office....

By Toni

Dad as Coach, Counselor & Constant Companion

June 9, 2014

Hello Dear Readers and Happy (Almost) Father’s Day, Last month, we explored advice from my mom and your own mothers in the realm of love and life, in honor of Mother’s Day. Today, with Father’s Day approaching this coming Sunday, it’s...

By Toni

Summer Nail Trends

June 4, 2014

We scouted the runways and fashion shoots to find the latest in nail trends.  Even though this year seems a lot tamer than last year—when nail graphic art seemed to dominate the scene—it’s still very lively. Nail art continues to be...

By Toni