Smoothie: AdvoCare Green Pistachio

August 24, 2014

We’re all about celebrating our love for AdvoCare this month. Whether you’re already hooked on the Meal Replacement Shakes, or you’ve recently figured out what you’ve been missing, add a little kick to your wellness routine. Thank you...

By Toni

Smoothie: AdvoCare Orange Julius

August 11, 2014

Wellness always begins within, inasmuch as what we eat and how we feel on the inside translates to how we look on the outside. That’s one reason why I’ve been such a fan of AdvoCare for quite some time now. From the entire company, to...

By Toni

Juice: Orange Aid

July 21, 2014

Listen up, Men!  This juice is for you.  Ten out of ten men surveyed loved this juice.  Granted, it was a tainted sample—consisting of friends, co-workers, and family—but either way, when Men start asking for recipes, I put a gold star...

By Toni

Juice: Sour Pineapple

June 10, 2014

Nothing brings me back home to New Mexico and my summer job, lifeguarding at Wet ‘n’ Wild, than the great taste of Green Apple Jolly Ranchers.  I’d sit there for hours getting my candy fix with the feeling of the sun on my cheeks and...

By Toni

Juice: Water-Limoncello

May 12, 2014

When I close my eyes and think of Italy in the summertime, I hear the sound of waves crashing against the cliffs and can almost feel the mist upon my skin.  Imagining those sunsets and the laughter from the children playing soccer on...

By Toni

Juice: Mango-Papaya Tango

April 24, 2014

Sometimes your body needs a tropical vacation just as much as your mind does.  Take a trip to the sweet side of juicing, and enjoy this tropical fusion of fun fit for the sun. ...

By Toni

Juice: Minty Mean Green

April 9, 2014

Nothing says spring like greens—fruits and veggies and fresh leafy mint—that is.  And this little no-brainer juice is the perfect jumpstart to warm weather health and happiness.  For patio parties, try mixing it together with some...

By Toni

Juice: Cantaroot Plus

March 3, 2014

It’s true; I’m a vacillator. Wavering between savory and sweet, I might eat a piece of fruit, but two minutes later, I have to chase it down with a hearty vegetable. This makes juicing interesting, alternating recipes each week to...

By Toni

Juice: Melon Roll

February 10, 2014

Growing up, melons were always a part of our daily diet, and today, I try and find creative ways, like Mom, to incorporate them into our meals and recipes.  Melons are members of the gourd family, and taste great when sliced and eaten...

By Toni

Juice: Pear-simmon Surprise

January 6, 2014

The persimmon might look like a succulent orange, but it’s really a berry native to China.  There, it is referred to as the “Apple of the Orient.” Though the persimmon seems like an imposter, it has many health benefits and is a great...

By Toni