NOTICE: Model Behaviors Is Taking a Brief Vacation

March 17, 2016

We’ve been posting nonstop for almost a year and a half now. Since Model Behaviors is all about self-care, balance, and health, we thought this year around the time of Spring Break would be a great opportunity for us to step away for a...

By Toni

Wellness Wednesday: ADVENTURESOME

January 20, 2016

I’ve been seeing this quote pop up a lot on my Instagram feed, and I love that Rachel’s chosen it for one of our Wellness Wednesday quotes. It seems particularly apt right before we jump into our Mommy Makeover Contest. The five other...

By Toni

MB Collective: The Female Code

September 17, 2015

Have you heard of the “bro code,” those unwritten social rules between men? I read an article the other day that mentioned the “female code.” It was the same idea, a set of unwritten rules that all women agree on and follow. But I got...

By Toni