Wellness Wednesday: REBIRTH

July 8, 2015

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday. This Week’s Thoughts The idea of “wellness” can be very broad, perhaps even a tad overwhelming when we try to define what it is exactly. To me, wellness is merely a balance between the...

By Toni

The Vagina Series, Part II: Rebirth

July 1, 2015

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! We’ve got a brand-new word to focus on this month, and since July marks Hannah’s one-year anniversary for writing and contributing to Model Behaviors, we wanted to give her the spotlight. As we...

Wellness Wednesday: LOVE

June 24, 2015

Congratulations, everyone! We’ve made it through our first month of Wellness Wednesday! If you’re just now joining us with this series, Barbara chose the word love for us to focus on all through the month of June. The idea is that each...

By Toni

Wellness Wednesday: LOVE

June 17, 2015

This is another one of Barbara’s favorite quotes about love. At first, it may seem strange to think of love as a science, but I think Mother Teresa hit on something profound here. We can study love and we can learn from love, and just...

By Toni

Wellness Wednesday: LOVE

June 3, 2015

We’re starting a new Model Behaviors series called Wellness Wednesdays, and at the start of each coming month we’ll feature a different Behaviorist and a word that best describes a part of her life at the present moment. Then, on...

Hormonal Balance: Eating Right for Your Cycle

May 12, 2015

Did you know that you could have a powerful effect on your hormonal health through your diet? What you put into your body greatly affects your hormonal balance. As your hormones shift and change throughout your cycle, you can find ways...

Toni’s Interview in “Indulge” Magazine

May 7, 2015

“Indulge” is the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram’s fine living magazine, which highlights fashion, food, local arts, and leisure. A few weeks ago, Jenny B. Davis interviewed me to chat about my pregnancy style and strategies. I shared three...

By Toni