Fact vs. Myth: Childbirth

April 15, 2015

Childbirth—we’ve all heard mixed messages, varying stories, conflicting opinions, and a diverse range of options when it comes to how childbirth “should” or “can” happen. Hollywood movies portray it one way, while your friends talk...

Fact vs. Myth: Pregnancy

February 4, 2015

Finding out you’re pregnant is life changing! Not only because of what’s to come but also because of the ways you alter and change your lifestyle during your pregnancy. There are so many differing options, old wives tales, medical...

Gift Ideas for New or Expecting Moms: Part Two

December 11, 2014

Check out Part One for great ideas for pre- or post-birth services for new or expecting moms! For those of you who would love to give something tangible or send something in the mail, here are my five favorite items that you can wrap...

Gift Ideas for New or Expecting Moms: Part One

December 5, 2014

Do you have pregnant or new moms on your gift-giving list this holiday season? Are you stumped trying to come up with ideas that are both unique and useful? I’m happy to help! Here are my top five unique gift ideas in the service...

5 Ways to Instantly Gain Confidence

November 20, 2014

Some days we wake up, and we’ve just got it. We’re on fire, and we’re ready to kick butt. Do you know that feeling? It’s a certain swagger, or belief in yourself. It’s a little voice inside saying, “Today, I am going to do it all, and...

By Toni

Fact vs. Myth: Conception

November 14, 2014

We have all heard numerous stories and misconceptions from one another about conception and fertility. I would like to help you gain some more clarity so you can discern what’s FACT and what’s MYTH. These are the top three topics that...

Staying Productive During the Holidays

November 13, 2014

With Halloween past and Thanksgiving looming around the corner, the holidays are no time to sit back and relax. At the same time, it’s way too easy to get sucked up in the mad rush of it all and forget the truly important...

By Toni

From Our Resident Doula: Charting Your Cycle

September 26, 2014

Ladies, you may have noticed that you’re special. Your body does incredible things! And, it has its own unique way to promote your individual female health, sexuality, and reproduction. Experiencing changes throughout your lifetime,...

By Toni