commerce & kindness: designer consignment with a charitable twist

Commerce & Kindness

I love consignment shops and vintage stores, because they make me feel like I’m doing my part—being fashionably responsible—if you will: passing on clothing to others and providing a loving home to some that had been gently loved before.  And on rare occasions, I hit the motherload when I encounter that it item that I so desperately wanted the season before, but couldn’t quite figure into my budget.

All of this makes for a diverse closet, filled with a range of something old (vintage), something new (must-haves for the season), something borrowed (bought it, but will likely sell it), and something true (keep-forever classics).  But no matter what’s trending, you should always buy what you love.  And remember: Real buying power is awareness and responsibility.  I don’t just mean upcycle recycle, I mean giving back—conscious consumerism.

I guess I never realized that my love for selling old treasures to buy new ones and helping to raise money for causes close to my heart could go hand-in-hand, and above all, they should.  It’s physics really, and eventually my goal for Commerce & Kindness is that the two concepts will become synonymous with each other.  Because, I believe that for every dollar that I spend on clothing, I should give the same amount back to charity.  Commerce & Kindness embodies this principal.  And you can rest assured that for every purchase you make, 40 percent will go to our featured charity, 40 percent will go back to the seller, and only 20 percent goes to maintaining our site.

The goal of Commerce & Kindness is to better our community, reduce our environmental footprint, bring awareness to worthy causes, and help our fellow seekers look their best.  Through our network of generous and fashionable industry friends, we’re able to bring awareness to people and organizations that are truly making a difference.  Women Called Moses is one such organization and our first nonprofit recipient.  This Dallas based organization is bringing battered women from a position of imprisonment to empowerment, one woman at a time.

Together we can make a difference.  Check out the SHOP tab on our site and learn how you can shop for change.

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