Dear Friends & Fellow Seekers,

Welcome to Model Behaviors, an interactive lifestyle space that has been a dream of mine in the making ever since I was a little girl and started keeping a diary.

I remember those summers before my sixteenth birthday—the year when everything changed. I worked my padrino’s fields alongside men wearing sombreros and enduring looks on their faces, aged by the relentless New Mexico sun.  On the Border, those summer days lasted forever and the earth embedded itself beneath my fingernails.  I watched the quickness of my youth in those fingers, next to quicker and stronger hands calloused by the world and the destiny that had befallen them.  Every now and then, tired smiles and melodic whispers broke the brown haze suspending us in time like Indian summers.

At that point in time, I never imagined a world beyond the Border, and yet in a year everything would change and a whole new world would be introduced to me filled with colorful couture, exotic new lands, and unexpected realities.  Although New Mexico gave me a strong sense of self, I found the rest of myself through modeling.  The extensive travels and experiences afforded me the chance to embrace different cultures, taste new experiences, discover hidden passions, take chances, explore fun styles, and meet some wonderful people—many of you reading this letter today.

Through these adventures, my heart remained ever connected to the simplicity of my birthplace, where my grandparents and their grandparents and their grandparents worked the rich land, filled with history and traditions.  It’s a place from which I draw inspiration and where my spirit returns each day, keeping me centered.

We all have places that keep us balanced, whether or not they exist on a map.  And as we explore life through its constant evolution, we can tap into their healing powers.  It’s also why I always seek different ways to apply everything that I learn to the ways and the traditions that I grew up with.  Ultimately, my wish is for Model Behaviors to become a collective space for those of us on our journey to enjoying life and all of its possibilities to the fullest.

And though our paths in life aren’t always easy, what I’ve learned is that they are purposeful.  After my sister’s tragic death almost four years ago, I decided not to let another day go by without reaching for the stars and fully embracing life.  She is the catalyst for Model Behaviors, and it’s in her honor that I wanted to develop this collective space.

I respect and believe in the power of raw honest truth and supporting others’ opinions, and above all, keeping this space filled with positivity and growth.  I truly believe that life is a series of choices and opportunities, but they’re only opportunities if we choose to do something with them.  At Model Behaviors, we will explore our collective space through a vast network of friends, ideas, and experiences.  From the places we go to the food that nourishes our bodies to our interactions with others to how we define our space to how we help and take care of each other, we want to be your inspirator for impactful and attainable lifestyle ideas.

Through our concepts of: Miles, Fuel, Advice, Space, and Commerce & Kindness we will show you that everything in life is within reach.

I look forward to hearing from all of you and thank you for joining me on this new and exciting journey.

Love and respect,





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