Dear Yvonne, Tim and Carolyn, Margie and Jenyce, my fellow Fashion Stars, and Friends;

I wanted to thank you all for your terrific and heartfelt contributions to the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas. I was honored to have served with this inaugural team and to help bring awareness to such a worthy cause.

Yvonne, you are my hero, and I will forever be in awe of your selflessness and tenacity. Thank you for your passion and commitment, giving a voice to the voiceless at the epicenter of this issue. Your tireless efforts have saved lives and continue to provide the necessary help to others whom are suffering behind closed doors and countless others whom are not even aware that they are at risk.

From the beginning, I knew that I needed to be a part of this journey, and though I was not sure what the outcome would bring, it was a necessary path to take, peeling back the layers of tragedy that occurred in my own family. This journey shed light on, not only my own private suffering, but also others who had been gravely affected by this issue. I was ashamed to learn just how many friends were troubled by suicide. I did not know about it, mostly because I never asked. Suicide is an issue that we tuck away, but the lingering effects of it do not stay suppressed for long. Thank you to all of my brave friends and family who privately came forward to share their stories. This issue still needs awareness, but it also needs our action and commitment.

Margie and Jenyce, what you do to combat this issue is invaluable. I spoke with so many survivors, attempters, and volunteers who all praise your work and the SCC’s successful programs. Thank you for giving survivors hope, attempters another chance at life, silent sufferers the help that they need, and all of us affected by this issue, some relief—someone cares; someone is listening.

Tim and Carolyn, thank you for all that you do. Our goals could not have been met without a collectively loud voice. Thank you for giving each of us Fashion Stars a healthy platform to talk about this issue and raise awareness. You are helping an amazing organization continue to fight the good fight. They depend on the kindness of others to further their efforts and to sustain the programs that help so many overcome and thrive. It is an important story to tell, and you told it in volumes and with such class and sophistication that is Beverly Drive Magazine.

And lastly, to my fellow Fashion Stars: It was an honor to serve with each and every one of you! What a unique and independently strong group of women. I enjoyed getting to know you all better over the last few months, and I am looking forward to long lasting friendships. Your unwavering loyalty to the community and immense commitment to your families and busy careers make each of you the true definition of a star. Keep shining!

With all of my love and admiration,
Toni Muñoz-Hunt

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