Does Your Man Need A style Intervention?

By way of introduction, a confession: Now that I’m married, I can finally admit that it took everything in me to keep from styling my husband (then boyfriend) while we were dating. It wasn’t that he was a bad dresser, but our styles definitely clashed. His idea of a hip and laid-back look involved a checkered button-down shirt and a pair of dress shoes. For a girl whose style icons are Johnny Depp and Frida Kahlo, that was problem. I wasn’t looking to become a twin-couple or anything, but I didn’t want to look as though I was out to dinner with my portfolio manager, either.

As time went on, most girls would have simply hit a few stores and pitched in to help their man’s wardrobe situation. However, I qualified that as a wife duty and not a girlfriend duty. So, I kept any plans for a style intervention on lockdown for a while, knowing I had a winner – whether or not he had the same pair of loafers in black, brown, and cognac.


Fast forward to the present, and needless to say, since our wedding day, I’ve had a blast dressing my husband in the latest fashions. In fact, if it doesn’t say Tom Ford on the label, he’s simply not interested anymore. However, despite so many improvements, a few wardrobe issues still crop up. For example, the length of his jeans drives me crazy. Whoever deemed that jeans should be tailored at the ankle should hang up his own Z. Cavariccis. If the ankle is showing, in my world, they’re high waters. But, maybe that’s my own style insecurity? Either way, the issue was thought provoking, and so I asked our Facebook girlfriends what one thing they would change about their man’s style.

As it turns out, I wasn’t alone.


Your answers were quite amusing, and I was glad to hear that it wasn’t just me who often wished to makeover my man. For starters, of the dozens of comments that I immediately received, a full ten involved holes in old boxers and t-shirts. Could there be a more classic clothing conundrum? Much respect goes out to our Facebook friends Sarah Jensen and Crista Sides Klayman for bravely commenting on this issue; I, too, have spied a hanging waste band (or five) in my man’s drawer.

Another reader and social media connector may have found the answer to this wardrobe woe. At the Woolsey home, worn out items just don’t stick around. When Duonna Woolsey’s husband refuses to let go of the past, she takes out her trusty Sharpie marker and scrawls Yard Sale on the offending garment in bold print. If I didn’t enjoy selling gently used items on eBay, I’d be inclined to try this firm-hand approach.

Over on the other side of Big D, undergarments are not the issue for our friend, Liana Casanova. Her man has a serious blue jean fetish, and the pairs are piling up and overflowing from the closet. Liana, might we recommend investing in Sharpie?

Lastly, I learned that footwear can be the cause of much turmoil, as well. A whopping ten percent of Facebook friends were fed up with certain shoe choices. Ariel Saldivar, for example, has an aversion to tasseled loafers, while Shona Che’re Gilbert is over her hubby’s “pointy shoes” altogether. Machiko Harris doesn’t have a problem with her husband’s shoe selection, specifically, she just wishes that he’d take better care of the ones he has.

Yes, ladies, when you pick a man, you pick his fashion sense, too – for better or worse. A little Facebook therapy and a well-timed shopping trip can be of great help, and if all else fails, pick up a few of these babies.

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