15 thoughts on “domestic violence: one survivor’s story

  1. A powerful story. Thank you Yvonne for speaking out. Domestic violence cannot remain a veil of shame and one survivor at a time will tear the veil down. We must support Women Called Moses because there are more (way more) Yvonne’s out there. On the first Sunday of this month my pastor, Rev. Bryan Carter of Concord Baptist Church, preached a sermon on domestic violence. It was a powerful sermon. This man of God had not and could not imagine the impact that domestic violence has on women and families. But God placed it on his heart and he preached a powerful sermon and not only did he preach this sermon, he had domestic violence counselors available. The following Wednesday, there was a panel of experts on domestic violence who gave insight and offered advice and help for any victims. I thank God for my pastor because he saw the need and addressed it. Oh did I not say that he took this to heart and the congregation gave to help agencies who help victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is complicated but we must each be aware and available to anyone in need especially those going through abuse. I thank God for Debra Bowles for educating me about domestic violence. I get to see her live out her passion of helping victims. Enough is enough when it comes to domestic violence.

  2. Abusers control and compel their victims in a variety of ways. They may verbally abuse them by calling them names, tell them they are stupid, have no worth or will not amount to anything on their own. They may become physically violent, inflicting pain, bruises, broken bones and other physical wounds (visible and hidden both). They may rape or sexually assault their victims. Alternatively they may neglect dependent victims, disavowing any responsibilities they may have towards those victims, and causing damage through lack of action rather than through a harmful, manipulative action itself.

  3. Yvonne story was heartbreaking, thank you for the opportunity to read it. She is so strong and brave for allowing this to be out…. I too am a victim. I have never experience physical abuse first hand from a man but like her too I watched my mother go through this for years. I recall one occasion watching my dad physically taking the bedroom door off the hinges during a drunken rage and he hit her in the face with it. For several days, my mother walked around with black eyes and swollen nose only to be told her skull was cracked, among the broke nose. I have never forgot the fear I or my sister felt that night, and how no matter loud we screamed it seemed there was no else around. I am blessed I have never experienced it firsthand. I don’t think people realize how domestic violence affects the children – it truly changes their identity and even how they see their own self worth. My mother grew up in this, and now I have and I have decided the cycle ends here, no man will put his hands on me! I can look back on my past experiences and I can see where I was attracted to the wrong type (because the only example you have often seems the norm) and often even told myself it was okay if he drank alcohol socially or a little because my dad was truly a heavy drinker and men were not mean unless they were the heavy drinkers; now the older and wiser I am I seek out those that don’t drink at all. I have got better at noticing the red flags too – have gotten better at catching the red flags too – anger issues, lack of communication, lies early on, among others….. I am a survivor like Yvonne and I am learning (late as it may be) that my opinion and voice do matter and that no man is worth any abuse even if verbal ….. I pray for her, as well as my mother (she got out by the way!) and so many others who need those like Debra to help them.

  4. Thank God for Women Called Moses and Debra Nixon-Bowles. I have witnessed you tirelessly assist women and children in need. I have watched you run from one end of town to the other as your desire to help hurting people continue to grow I often wonder “how is she doing all this”. Debra your passion and commitment to help restore the lives of women like Yvonne is amazing. Thank you so much for caring for so many. And many thanks to Yvonne for sharing her story.

  5. When I think about Jesus and what He has done for me, I can smile. Just when you think your situation is bad there is someone going thru something way more life threatning. Thank God for Ms. Bowles this woman is truly a angel in disguise. Oh Lord Jesus we lift You up, and give You all the Glory. You saved me along with many others. Please please please give me my opportunity to tell as many as possible about the wonderful works Ms. Debra has provided. To this brave woman stay strong, God has you. He has my family and I

  6. Domestic violence stories can neverbe shared enough. Debra and her staff are doing everything they can to eradicate this escalating problem of domestic violence. Let’s all help support this organization thru prayers, support and spreading the word about the work this organization is doing to help women , children and families of all races and ages.

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