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Fresa Colada

Most of the time, I try to lean more on the healthy side when preparing our weekly juices. That’s because they can easily become meal replacements in our fast-paced lifestyle. I’m talking about recipes with kale, spinach, and beets, all those superfoods I’m constantly raving about.

But during the scorching summer months, that all goes out the window because everyone—especially me—is craving refreshingly summer beverages. I want a juice to take me away on a sexy vacation, somewhere beachy, a place only a banana or pineapple belongs.

Fresa-Colada | Model Behaviors

My Fresa Colada happens to be one of these tropical gems. Let it transport you from hot boring summer to exotic new you! The key ingredients responsible for all of this excitement are strawberries and almond milk. When it comes to creamy but refreshing, nothing beats fresh almond milk. Check out KK’s delicious recipe and make a little extra to use for this concoction.

Expecting company?

Put this combo on ice or toss it in a blender for a frozen treat. Then garnish it with a lemon wedge or a pineapple slice to liven up any little get-together.

Though this delicious treat is great to slurp on a hot summer day, it’s also low in fat, high in energy, and rich in vitamin C, proteins, lipids, and fiber.

So, keep cool this August with a Fresa Colada, and treat yourself to something yummy and healthy!

Prep time
Total time
Serves: 6
  • 2 large boxes of strawberries
  • 2 pineapples
  • 8 oranges
  • 20 oz. almond milk
  1. Wash strawberries and oranges.
  2. De-stem strawberries.
  3. Chop tops and skin off pineapples.
  4. Peel oranges.
  5. Chop pineapples into juicing-sized pieces.
  6. Toss all of the ingredients into juicer and activate.
  7. Pour mixture into pitcher and add almond milk.
  8. Stir and serve.


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