Friscovania 2017: Costume Contest Celebrity Judges

What’s a fall festival without a costume? What’s a costume without a costume contest? And what’s a contest without judges who have the best tastes in fashion and creativity?

At last year’s Friscovania, over four hundred contestants wearing a dizzying assortment of costumes walked the runway in front of the judges and thousands of spectators. Friscovania is the opportunity for you to be who—or what—you really want to be. Join fellow heroes, villains, monsters, and the wildest of imaginations in the spotlight, where you’ll be under the scrutiny of some very important people right in the North Texas community.

Model Behaviors has the honor of bringing together the most skilled, talented, and accomplished individuals of fashion and TV to be your judges of the Friscovania Costume Contest. This year, the judges will be more involved with the crowd, as these hot personalities will have their own microphones, and they won’t be afraid to use them! Please welcome our Friscovania 2017 Costume Contest judges:


Friscovania 2017: Costume Contest Judges | Model Behaviors


  • Gina Miller, Vice President of Media and Communications for FC Dallas
  • Laurie Graham, TV Host and Brand Spokesperson
  • Janice Gamlin, Vice President of Kim Dawson Agency
  • Kristy & Randy Pitchford, Mistress & Master of Ceremonies
  • Ugo Ihemelu, Team Scouting Manager for FC Dallas
  • Kris Lezetc, Comedian
  • Tammy Meinershagen, Executive Director of Frisco Association for the Arts

Remember to mark your calendars for Friscovania 2017: Saturday, October 21 from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Prepare your costume, and keep an eye out for each of the celebrity judges in the coming days. When the night of festivities falls, they’ll certainly be looking out for you!

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