Friscovania 2018 Celebrity Judge: Khanh Nguyen

Nha Khanh’s designs focus on modern glamour; they are inspired by art, architecture and, most importantly, nature. The designs are ethereal, meticulously constructed, and host an ease that allows for an effortless sensibility.

The Nha Khanh mission is to empower women with inner-strength through their clothing while focusing on “feminine elegance with a modern edge.” “Nha” in Vietnamese is a feminine word implying “light and elegance,” whereas “Khanh” is a masculine word meaning “victory and celebration.” The fusion of the words creates a balance of unison between feminine and masculine.

Khanh Nguyen, the Creative Director and Designer of the Nha Khanh label, has been surrounded by fashion and art throughout her life. Khanh attended the University of North Texas and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Fashion Design. In 2010, the Nha Khanh label was established. Designs and manufacturing are 100% based in Dallas, Texas, while the sales, marketing, and PR are based in New York City.

The company offers seasonal “advanced contemporary” Ready-to-Wear, a custom Atelier collection, and a bridal line. Nha Khanh takes pride in exceptionally well-made garments and strives to push the envelope on innovation, creative, and elegant designs.

Khanh joins our Friscovania 2018 costume contest celebrity judge lineup along with five others, and she’s looking for the best group of costumed collaborators on the runway. Whether you and your friends unite in cohesion or chaos, walk as a team with a theme for the prize.

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