Friscovania 2019: Another Grand Ole Time

Howdy, friends of Friscovania! Winter’s in, but the fall’s still fresh in our minds. This year’s Country Revolution’s kicked up a storm of smiles, laughter, and excitement. With the massive turn out and the enthusiasm ya’ll have shown from the gates opening to the party after, we can hereby pronounce the event a great success!

Friscovania has always been about love—love for friends, love for family, love for community and others, and love for oneself. With love comes inclusivity, acceptance of one another not just regardless of our backgrounds but because of the value we can find in our differences along with our similarities. Our mission at Model Behaviors to aid local charities who help women and children reach their fullest potential was strengthened tenfold with the loss of our dear friend, Kelly Whaley, to stage IV breast cancer in 2016. That’s the year Friscovania debuted as a family-friendly Halloween extravaganza in the name of charity, to help give a fighting chance to people like Kelly Whaley and the young son she had left behind. Three years later and counting, we’re still on that same mission, and with the support we gain year after year, we’re able to reach out to more and more people in the community.

The revolution this year saw MLS Works joining Model Behaviors and FC Dallas in imagining a community event free to the public. For the first time ever, Friscovania was open without charge for admission, allowing us to further foster an inclusive environment to benefit not just our community’s attendance but our community’s solidarity, by bringing people of all backgrounds together. This big change warranted an equally wholesome theme and name—Friscovania 2019: Country Revolution.

Friscovania 2019: Country Revolution began on a sunny, crisp, and cool autumn afternoon. Pumpkins and safe cacti were piled up with the hay, along with happy skeletons, gentle spiderwebs, and globe lights hanging overhead. The small-town road through the Haunted Carnival was burgeoning with a growing number of guests and live music by Abbi Walker and the Bass Junkies. Guests got to test their skills at several game booths, catch photo opportunities with characters and cool backgrounds, and dine on hot grub and fresh beverages at the food caravans all afternoon long.

However, sundown wasn’t the end of the story! With all guests riding on into the Hall of Fame, the Dance Industry Drill Company and Richland College Dance Department led the second half of the event straight into the Friscovania Costume Contest, and just as we thought we were getting on by without a hitch, an unlucky lady of means cried out as a bandit snatched her purse! A good sheriff leapt to the rescue, but the bandit proved to be too formidable a rascal for him. Good thing the lady in distress herself jumped in to reclaim her property and chase the young varmint off!

And just before the dust settled from all that commotion, Austin Allsup romped onto the main stage, and the fashion show lit up the hall. Pro models featuring fashions by Hatco, Charlie 1 Horse, Stetson, Resistol and Nha Khanh strut in on the runway to Austin’s country croons. There were unicorns, chickens, baby goats, and a mermaid—a veritable motley show! The fashion show wrapped up with our Misha’s very own son, Myles, singing the crowd through the finale. For VIPs, the show went on at Bon & Viv’s Spiked Seltzer After-Party, which kept guests sparkling well into the night.

We’re not gonna lie—a big community event like Friscovania leaves us plumb tuckered out, but seeing our guests having the time of their lives is all worth it. We couldn’t have wrangled together an event this grand without all the people who’ve spent days and nights stitching together plans and making preparations. Here’s to the buckaroos who hung on tight to the reins through it all, then rode out into the sunset after a job well done.




Friscovania grows out of our North Texas community by the community, and by that, we mean some of the biggest names in North Texas and all round the nation pooled their support this year for a grand ole time at Toyota Stadium. We’re giving a mighty round of applause to all our sponsors: MLS Works, Mint Dentistry, Michael Bronson Crouch, Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer (Anheuser-Busch), Fifth Generation, Inc. (Tito’s), Chase, NEC, Hilti, Toyota, William Noble Rare Jewels, Winstar Casino, Vazata, FreeHold Management, Rustic Cuff, Connor J. Nichols, Jeff Baldridge K, Rouch Architects LLC K, Powerhandz, Raj Kalyundurg, Republic Title Papa John’s, The Edmonds family, Darren Streit, The Sepkowitz Family,  Nathaniel Deans, East Hampton Sandwich Company, Margaret Hirsh, Andrew Pennington, Chase Russell & BenchMark Bank.


FC Dallas

Nothing’s better than knowing you’ve got a trusty partner who’s got yer back, and our bond with FC Dallas grows stronger year by year. A heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the people who keep Toyota Stadium in good order: Nick Shafer, Josh Harding, Alan Ficek, Gina Miller, Heather Fuxa, Chris Ciora, Robert Rardin, Gina McFarlin, Brandy Chandelier, Megan Miller, Matt Deny, Evie Baker, Kathy Mussared and FC Dallas security team.


Haunted Carnival and Food Trucks

The Haunted Carnival’s not only a sight to see but a place to play. Games, from fishing to minigolf and giant corn holes, kept kids on their toes. The little adventurers could also interact with the town’s inhabitants: face painters who’d give them a spooky makeover, balloon artists arming them with colorful equipment, and fortune tellers wishing them well on their journeys. Friends could also be found along the Cowboy Terrace, home to a potion master with all the antidotes to turn a big frown upside down, a friendly cowboy on the good side of the law, and a chatty inmate with a great many stories to tell. Hay sofas throughout the carnival offered a bit of respite for the weary travelers, as well as vistas for selfies. When guests were getting low on provisions, they could restock and refresh at Eggstand, Fletcher’s Cornydogs, Yummy Pizza and Kona Ice Food trucks. A bountiful thanks goes to every single one of the carnival townsfolk who ensured kids and their families were treated to a good time with great memories.


Live Music

From the Winners Club to the Hall of Fame and throughout the evening into the Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer After-Party, live music from Dallas-based artists bared the heart, soul, and song of country love. We thank the full Abbi Walker band, official FC Dallas DJs Bass Junkies, NBC’s The Voice contestant Austin Allsup, and special guest singer Myles for loud and lively tunes that tied all moving parts of the event together.


Dancers and Costume Contest

Dance Industry Drill Company Dancers and Richland College Dance Department got the evening’s show started, and we thank them for rounding up guests and astounding them with a creative program full of skillfully coordinated moves. A very heartfelt gratitude goes to our Costume Contest Celebrity Judges: top-rated family attorney Laci Bowman and her family; Samantha Davies of NBC; Shelly Slater of The Slate female empowerment coworking space; and this year’s Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, Mint Dentistry owners Field and Sabrina Harrison and their kids. And of course, the costume contest wouldn’t be a contest without all our contestants and your own notable performances! We thank all you heroes, villains, monsters, and characters who’d signed up and walked, strutted, and scampered your way down the runway for your own great big Friscovania check!


Fashion Show and Back of House

Did you know there’s a whole town running behind the scenes? Many, many thanks to Katelin Burton, Jenny Davis, and Joanna Hathcock and the hair and makeup crew: Elizabeth Rist, JaDe Rain, Meagan D’Von, Kay Duke, Chantee Willis, Yvonne Coan, Lisa Williams, Anastasia Strattan, Ashley Bell, and Devon Freeman. A fashionable thanks goes out to our exquisite designers of the evening: Hatco, Charlie 1 Horse, Stetson, Resistol and Nha Khanh. We’re grateful to Sarah Blacketer and the Kim Dawson Agency, who’ve filled the runway with professional models garbed in the goods: ALEXANDRIA BRYANT, AMERICA CALLOWAY, BELLA TYLEN, CALI STEWART, DEAN ROBINSON, JENNIFER VANHOOK, LAUREN FREE, MAGGIE PARKS, ASHLEY WANG, AL TIDWELL JR., BRENT EBERHART, DAVID MCKAY, DAVID MILLER, JOSH TRUESDELL, KYLE ELLISON, LUIS ENRIQUE, SHAUN BALKUM, SAMORA GOODSON, TYLER OGDEN, MADISON WRAY, and Roxanna Redfoot (The Campbell Agency). Thank you, all models, for a wild ranch-inspired show to remember!



Special thanks for special effects! We’re mighty grateful to Kharis Media for reeling in the essence of Friscovania with fancy videography, Simon Lopez Photography for eagle-eye sharpshooting, and Range and Lily Ounekeo for drawing up the print, signage, and ads posted round the land. We also thank LifeBlue and all of the Model Behaviors crew for blasting Friscovania fun on social media and reaching out to all our guests here and over yonder.



Friscovania is organized by Model Behaviors: Carnival Director Kendahl Airey, Community/FC Dallas Director Matt Denny, Costume Contest Back of House Director Erica Lujan, Costume Contest Director Kodi Nelson, Cruise/After-Party Director Carlotta Lennox, Director of Friscovania Celebrity Judges/Costume Contest Host Priya Rathod, Grant Director Ann Lopez, Music Director/Costume Contest Host Kris Lezetc, Photography Director Simon Lopez, Special Entertainment Director Anna Broadfoot-Theunnissen, Raffle Director Holly Denny, VIP Accommodation Director Misha Sturns, Director of Content Lily Ounekeo, Fashion Show/Back of House Co-Director Katelin Burton, Director of Operations Laura De la Torre, Fashion Show/Back of House Co-Director Jenny Davis, and Executive Director Toni Muñoz-Hunt and FC Dallas President Dan Hunt. With MLS Works supporting the team, we were beyond excited to open up Friscovania free to the public and to include those of you who’ve stopped on by for the first time. Hope ya’ll don’t mind one huge group hug, ‘cause we’d like to hand every one of our guests a big, Texas-sized show of gratitude!


See what y’all created this year at Friscovania. We’ve got a ton of images on our Facebook page, and you can watch the recap on YouTube:

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