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FRISCOVANIA: The Frights of the Round Table

Last week, we introduced you to Friscovania—a spooktacular Halloween extravaganza, fun-filled for all ages with trick-or-treating, a haunted carnival, games, live music, and a phantasmic fashion show, all to benefit City House of Collin County! To put together an event like this, an all-star group must be assembled, people who are not only passionate about the mission but willing to put in long hours and hard work. With such a limited amount of time and so many details to iron out, this dedicated team had to be  comprised of individuals with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds and complete devotion to our collective cause—Kelly!

At our first meeting, the bar was set high. Everyone had to be one hundred percent committed. Once we took a vote to see who was all in, it was time to brainstorm. Kelly not only inspired this event, but we wanted it to be representative of the fashion industry, something in our wheelhouse, and something unique to North Texas.

Once our team was assembled, it was time to come up with a frightening name to get down and do business with. We assembled our group of nineteen, The Frights of the Round Table. And here they are!

Friscovania: The Frights of the Round Table | Model Behaviors

Anna and Dan Broadfoot: Back of House Directors

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsAnna’s Bio: For the past twelve years, Anna has modeled around the globe and feels privileged to have worked with the most innovative names in fashion. In 2010, amidst a full-time modeling schedule, Anna and her husband Dan took a leap of faith to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. Together they launched an exclusive watch store in Frisco, Texas. Timeless Luxury Watches was born and has since been named the fastest-growing watch business in America.

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsDan’s Bio: Dan Broadfoot’s interest in unique and luxury timepieces began at the age of sixteen when he started working at an exclusive New Jersey watch boutique. His passion continued to grow as he attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, where he met his wife Anna. In 2010 Dan and Anna opened Timeless Luxury Watches in Frisco, Texas. As an authorized dealer of many of the world’s most unique and luxury brands of timepieces, Timeless Luxury Watches is trusted by the brand-makers as well as its loyal customers and watch enthusiasts from around the world. Both Dan and Anna enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking with Joie, their golden retriever rescue. They also love to travel and take several trips abroad throughout the year.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Anna: I was raised to appreciate kindness, hard work, abstract thinking and the importance of answering the call of inspiration. When I met Kelly, these shared values echoed instantly. I loved scheming up daring photo shoots with her, and “Love you mucho” became our mantra-like end of every conversation. The friendship we cultivated is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Being part of Friscovania is the essential framework to honor the legacy of my brave friend. There’s not a more eloquent way to celebrate Kelly’s life than to ensure that her son’s future is as bright, strong, and limitless as the spirit of his beautiful mother, Kelly Whaley.

Carlotta Lennox: Runway Show Creative Director

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Carlotta Lennox is currently a professional model with the Kim Dawson agency, an entrepreneur, and a former head instructor of KD Conservatory’s Fashion Division. Carlotta’s passion has always been to mentor young women and girls and instill in them etiquette, voice diction, poise, and the life skills needed to embrace and nurture the inner beauty they possess.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: When I met Kelly, there was an instant connection. Kelly was always the first makeup artist to grab me, and she would whisper, “I’m going to rock you out.” It’s truly an honor to be part of Friscovania, and my greatest hope is that her son Gunner will have a bright light that continues to shine in this world.

Kiersten Dolbec: Runway Show Models Director

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Kiersten Dolbec, also known as “Suddenlypuppies” to those with social media, is a Dallas-based model, sugar-free blogger, former college athlete, amateur comedian, amateur surfer, amateur ice wall climber, professional cuddler, and all around goofball. At nineteen, Kiersten walked into Kim Dawson Agency and asked, nay begged, to be a model for them. They eventually agreed and now Kiersten Dolbec is a successful international model represented all over the world. Kiersten is also very involved in the Dallas Comedy scene and is studying with Wendy Pennington as well as at Dallas Comedy House.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: Kelly Whaley was a constant source of playful, nonjudgmental, curious, passionate energy in her life. Kelly inspired me to be myself and to let my own weird light shine. Kelly taught me to be inclusive of all people on this planet and help them whenever possible. Gunner was the light of Kelly’s world and I know that any spawn of Kelly’s will make this planet a better place.

I’m dedicated to honoring and spreading Kelly’s message of loving everyone and treating all how you would like to be treated.

Rhonda Sargent Chambers: Runway Show Technical Director

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Rhonda Sargent Chambers coordinates experiential events and fashion shows for prominent clients, assisting greatly in fund-raising events for many organizations through her company, RSC Show Productions, established in 2001.

Rhonda and the team at RSC Show Productions is proud to call Kelly Waley a true friend!

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: This fundraiser in honor of Kelly Waley is so important to all of us in the North Texas beauty and fashion industry. This has hit us hard, but one thing that I know for sure, Kelly is smiling down on us. I’m still unable to speak in past terms about such an amazing woman. She was always the life of the party, and I can still hear her sweet giggle!

Lana Adams: Runway Show Hair Director

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Lana Adams is an international hair and makeup artist represented by the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas. Lana has worked with celebrities like Sharon Stone and Donna Karan, with retail giants, with top designer runways, and with magazines worldwide. Her compassion has led her to do mission work in Africa, Belize, and Honduras. She currently serves as the Marketing Director for EmpowerDreams.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: It’s important to me to be a part of Friscovania because of Kelly’s impact, kindness, and love. Kelly gave joy to everyone and always left people in the room with a smile.

L.B. Rosser: Runway Makeup Direction

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Rosser has been working in the fashion and beauty business for almost twenty years. His work has appeared in Vogue, W, Allure, and Glamour, as well as in many advertising campaigns and a wide array of catalog work. He has also been busy backstage working for such designers as Giorgio Armani, Marchesa, Marc Bouwer, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Roberto Cavalli.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Him: Kelly was more than my friend. She was a sister, a true part of my family. Which means we could fight like a brother and sister! But it also meant we could trust each other more. I lost a huge part of my life—a friend, a partner, a collaborator, a conspirator, a true piece of my heart—and that’s why it was so important to me that I get involved in this event.

Priya Bhola Rathod: Raffle and Prize Co-Director

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Priya Bhola Rathod has spent her career working in media and entertainment, from both a business and on-camera perspective. She’s the mother of two young girls and is passionate about woman sharing their stories.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: Though I didn’t know her well, every time I saw Kelly she was always so graceful, welcoming, and full of life. When I heard of her diagnosis and the son that she left behind, my heart hurt for both of them. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to help her legacy live on. The next reason is that this event is led by the fearless Toni Muñoz-Hunt who’s one of the most genuine, thoughtful, and dedicated women I know. Through personal conversations and her writing, I know how much Kelly meant to her, and how important it was to honor her. I consider it a privilege to be a part of this team, and to be able to raise money for City House. I can’t imagine a cause more worthy than the well-being of children.

Misha Sturns: Raffle and Prize Co-Director

Friscovania: The Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Fort Worth native Misha Sturns is an honor program graduate of Clark Atlanta University. Misha has an extensive and diverse background in sales, public relations, event planning, and fashion modeling. Her company, reRock it, emphases recreating all aspects of your life to enhance your overall image for yourself and your home. In addition to being the mother of an eleven-year-old, Misha is currently the top Sales Account Manager in the nation at Biofusion, where she’s responsible for growing her territory by over 73% in the last year.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: I’ve been represented by several agencies in Dallas, but when I joined Kim Dawson, I met Kelly and we instantly cultivated a professional and personal relationship. Whenever we were together, along with L.B. Rosser, we’d cleverly create catchy songs and jingles to make our bookings memorable. I’m beyond honored to be associated with Friscovania. It’s going to be a thrilling event for all to enjoy!

Cheryll Smith: Music Production

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: I met Kelly shortly after beauty school and we became fast friends. We shared a love for creepy stuff, rock-n-roll, and fashion. Growing up working and laughing together, we went from studying Vogue and trying to copy the supermodels’ hair and makeup (her favorite was Helena Christensen, mine was Linda Evangelista) to actually working on fashion shows and photo shoots together.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: Kelly’s son Gunner is an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. He embodies his mother’s childlike ability to explore his imagination. I hope he will look back at this event and know his mom was dearly loved—and one badass chick.

Holly Denny: Event Design and Décor Director

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Holly Denny has worked in the world of events since her teenage years. She has a true love for—and eye for— event design and décor. She’s a maker at heart and enjoys working with her hands on a variety of projects. In 2014 Holly was invited to become the resident DIY and craft expert at Model Behaviors. She also owns a special events company, TED FOX Event Artistry, and was recently brought on board as the exclusive luxury events provider for Frisco Lifestyle magazine. Along with her husband Matt and their two young children, she stays busy and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: Halloween in particular holds a special place in my heart as my wedding anniversary and our first child’s birthday. I’m thrilled to be contributing to Friscovania, City House, and Kelly’s legacy.

Matt Denny: Event Design and Décor Director

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Matt Denny hails all the way from Nottingham, England—land of Robin Hood—and has been in Texas since 2010. A lifetime footballer, he came to the States as a youth club coach in Chicago and eventually transitioned to a sales manager role at FC Dallas. Matt lives in Frisco with his wife, Holly, and their two young children.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Him: With Halloween being both my wedding anniversary and my son’s birthday, Friscovania is extra special to our family! I’m passionate about children’s causes and look forward to working on this event to support City House in honor of Kelly Whaley.

Simon and Ann Lopez: Event Photography Directors

FRISCOVANIA: The Frights of the Round Table | Model Behaviors

Bios: Simon and Ann Lopez are a married duo, a true story of high school sweethearts, holding strong for twenty-one years and counting. While studying at Texas Christian University, Simon found a true passion in photography and has worked in the fashion industry for fifteen years, creating Simon Lopez Photography. Ann, choosing a career on the opposite end of the spectrum, is a sixth year estate planning and probate attorney practicing with Benenati Law Firm in Bedford, Texas. As the old saying goes, opposites attract. Simon and Ann live in Fort Worth and have a son attending the University of Arkansas.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Them: Simon’s career has introduced us to truly talented and amazing people—one being our friend and makeup artist extraordinaire, Kelly Whaley. Kelly was a kind a giving soul with a positive outlook, a true creative inspiration! When Kelly was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, it did not dampen her spirits. Kelly continued to smile and had the most beautiful outlook on life, continuing to plan a Halloween bedroom make-over for her son, Gunner. Her spirit will persevere through this grand event, Friscovania.

Always looking forward to the next challenge and adventure together, we are proud members of the Frights of the Round Table, the group behind the birth of Friscovania. Organizing an event of this magnitude most certainly has its challenges, but to see a dream, an idea, come to fruition is an amazing sight. We’re proud to be a part of this collaboration to implement this great vision of an event honoring Kelly; to celebrate Halloween and all things costume, makeup, and candy; and to support an admirable local charity, City House.

Kodi and George Nelson: Haunted Carnival Concourse Directors

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model BehaviorsBio: Kodi Nelson took flight from her small hometown in Oklahoma to begin her modeling career in Tokyo, Japan. It was there that she met her future husband, George. Through Kodi’s years of modeling, she has become quick to adapt to the vision of any given project. In 2008, Kodi and her husband made Frisco their home. Though she still accepts the occasional modeling job, since becoming a mother to their two young boys, Kodi has embraced her inner entrepreneurial spirit by launching a successful career in Real Estate, where she has partnered with renowned broker, Rogers Healy. If she ever has free time, you’ll find her in her garage refinishing and reupholstering discarded furniture.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: This project is very dear to my heart as I hope it will bring a lot of help to City House of Collin County in honor of my good friend, Kelly Whaley, who lost her brief battle to breast cancer earlier this year.

Toni Muñoz-Hunt and Dan Hunt: Event Directors

FRISCOVANIA: Frights of the Round Table | Model Behaviors

Toni’s Bio: Toni Muñoz-Hunt is the founder and creator of Model Behaviors, an online community of ordinary women doing extraordinary things. As a mother, writer, activist, and PhD candidate, she wholeheartedly believes in empowering women and their communities through collaborations and the art of storytelling.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Her: I grew up in an area where bad things happened to people all the time. So much so that I lived a large portion of my life waiting for the bottom to fall out. And it did, when I tragically lost my sister six years ago. In a strange way, her passing gave me a sense of urgency and purpose, and I stopped living my life filled with fear. Kelly was a true friend through some of my darkest days and she was there for my happiest days as well. Over the years, I grew to love her like a sister. I will cherish our conversations and text messages forever. In fact, in her final days, I screen shot some of those messages so as to not forget her gentle spirit and selflessness. Like our entire group, I refuse to let her death be in vain. For so many years, she tried to convince me to throw a Halloween event. In fact, she had planned it out, of course with her creating a million different looks for everyone involved. She was a beloved member of our Model Behaviors team, and this collaboration embodies Kelly’s heart for others and her creativity, while sharing her legacy and story with her pride and joy, Gunner.

Dan’s Bio: Dan spent years working on the design and construction of Toyota Stadium and Toyota Soccer Center with his late father and American sports icon, Lamar Hunt. Since the venue’s opening in 2005, Dan has used the venue to help establish FC Dallas as the leader in youth development in North America. He is beginning his tenth year as Vice President of Hunt Sports Group, the parent company of FC Dallas, and his third season as President of FC Dallas. He also serves as a member of the MLS Board of Governors.

Why Friscovania Is Important to Him:

Kelly meant a lot to my wife and family, and I’m honored to be a small part of something I hope will be a lasting legacy of this amazing woman.

If you’d like to become involved or if you have a skill or resource you believe could be helpful, please reach out to any one of us at any time. There’s plenty of opportunity to be a part of our inaugural event. Or, if you’d like to purchase an admission/raffle ticket or are interested in sponsorship, visit our site here. All proceeds will benefit City House of Collin County and Gunner Whaley. City House provides emergency shelter and transitional residential services to children and young adults who are in need due to abuse, neglect, or homelessness.

From Dan and I and the rest of the Frights of the Round Table, we just want to say how excited and proud we are to organize this event on behalf of City House in honor of our dear friend Kelly. We sincerely hope you’ll be part of it, in whatever way you can, and I can’t wait to share more about Friscovania in the coming weeks!

Until then, visit Friscovania online!

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