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Two weeks and two days. That’s all we have left until Friscovania arrives! So far we’ve introduced you to the Frights of the Round Table, members of the haunted fashion show, the designers, and our graphic design team. Today it’s all about the live music.

As you may know, Model Behaviors and FC Dallas are presenting Friscovania on behalf of City House and in memory of Kelly Whaley. Well, one of Kelly’s greatest loves was live music. She could rock out with the best of them, so right from the start, we knew there was absolutely no way we could throw a Halloween event in her honor and not have live music. Even better if we could get some classic glam rock, which was one of her favorite genres.

Apart from the live music that will accompany the haunted fashion show, music will be a big part of the entire event. Here’s the awesome lineup that’s waiting for you on October 22nd at Friscovania!

Abbi Walker

FRISCOVANIA: The Live Music | Model Behaviors

From 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., while the carnival is going strong, Texas Country artist Abbi Walker will bring her feisty brand of country to the Witch’s Brew. Abbi has plenty to say through thought-provoking, honest, funny, and sassy lyrics which are delivered through melodies you won’t be able to get out of your head. Her music is refreshing, original, and outside the box for both country and Texas Country music. This Dallas girl has soul, spunk, and sass, so be sure to stop by and dance the Texas two-step with her.

DJ Spin from Latin House Krew

FRISCOVANIA: The Live Music | Model Behaviors

Latin House Krew aka “LHK” are a duo from Dallas, Texas. With their over-the-top style, diversity, and creativity, Ivytron and DJ Spin make up LHK. Their production specialty lies in Electronic Dance Music. They’re the official DJs for FC Dallas, performing at every home game to over 15,000+ fans, so it only makes sense to have DJ Spin kick off the evening portion of our live music event at 7:00 p.m. in Budweiser’s Boneyard of Haunted Fashion and Live Music! We’re so excited to dance and party hard to his mixes, and we know he’ll do a fantastic job of getting the crowd hyped.

Chris Cavanaugh

FRISCOVANIA: The Live Music | Model Behaviors

After DJ Spin wraps up his set, Nashville’s Chris Cavanaugh will hit the stage. We can definitely expect good times from Cavanaugh and his band. He’s got an extremely upbeat style, which is showcased by his chops on lead guitar. His sound can best be described as a healthy mix of old-school Kenny Chesney and guitar-slaying Keith Urban. Recently, he released an EP called “Footprints on My Windshield,” and we’re amped to hear him play it live along with a slew of other hits.


FRISCOVANIA: The Live Music | Model Behaviors

FRISCOVANIA: The Live Music | Model Behaviors

FRISCOVANIA: The Live Music | Model Behaviors

Our headlining act is DESTROYER, one of the best KISS tribute bands in the world. They’re from Dallas, Texas, and are known for not only their authentic KISS shows (hand-picked by KISS and the Official KISS Kruise as one of the top tributes in the world) but for having the largest replica of a KISS stage in the US. They’ll bring all the wild, electric energy that you would find at a KISS show—the face paint, the glam rock guitar riffs, and the spontaneous combustion that happens when you put four unpredictable rockers onstage together! They’ll rock the stadium while our haunted fashion show is underway, and then they’ll finish out the night of live music with all your favorite KISS tunes.

Watch this short video below where they share just how excited they are to be headlining Friscovania on behalf of City House and in memory of Kelly Whaley.

We’d like to take a moment to thank Cheryll Smith, our Music Director, who’s been so crucial to bringing the live music portion of this event together. She’s put together a great day of music in North Texas, and we can’t wait to dance, party, and rock out with you at Friscovania!

Find more details about the event here and be sure to get your tickets ASAP! They’re flying fast and furious out of our hands!


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