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Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt

It’s no secret that exercise is important during pregnancy. One of the things that exercise does is keep you at a healthy pregnancy weight. To find out what your pre-pregnancy BMI is, check out this BMI calculator. Once your BMI is established, you can find out which category you belong to and how much weight gain is expected during your pregnancy. Besides keeping a healthy pregnancy weight, exercise has also been attributed to easier labor and delivery, and it can decrease the chances of developing gestational diabetes. Many pregnant moms believe that exercise creates more energy and less constipation. Those are two great perks, if you ask me. Studies have also shown that exercise can limit intervention during delivery and can reduce morning sickness throughout the pregnancy. But what about Baby? According to research, exercise also helps Baby develop a stronger heart and higher test scores.

I bet all of this exercise talk makes you want to throw on a pair of your comfy Lululemons and hit the gym, right? But wait, exercise without the proper support can lead to injuries and excuses to not get back out there again.

So now, I’d like to tell you about my new best friend. Her name is Gabrialla, and she’s a maternity support belt. This belt comes highly recommended by doctors and marathon runners alike for its abdominal and lower-back support, during and after pregnancy. It also reduces the chance of stretch marks by redistributing weight.

Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt | Model Behaviors

The price of this belt ranges from twenty to forty dollars, and at first I figured, what did I have to lose with a price like that? Anything that could help me continue an active lifestyle would be money well spent. So, I ordered mine from Amazon and it arrived two days later. When I first took it out of the box, I didn’t think this little contraption would amount to much, but eight months later, I’m still running four to five miles every day.

Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt | Model Behaviors

This maternity support belt comes in three colors: white, nude, and black. And it runs up to a size double extra large. I wear a medium over a workout shirt (though it’s photographed differently in these photos). There are some women who like to wear theirs all day long, under their clothes. However you want to wear your Gabrialla, it’s a must-have for all pregnant women. Order yours today, and let me know how you’re sporting it!


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