Gift Ideas for New or Expecting Moms: Part Two

Check out Part One for great ideas for pre- or post-birth services for new or expecting moms!

For those of you who would love to give something tangible or send something in the mail, here are my five favorite items that you can wrap and ship!

1. A Woven Wrap for Baby-wearing

My number-one choice as a gift for a new addition to the family is a baby-wearing wrap, which makes getting around with your baby easier. It also facilitates bonding and soothing for the baby to be held close to the mother’s or father’s chests where they can hear their breathing, regulate temperature, and listen to their heartbeat. The new parents might even find that the stroller starts gathering dust!

Instructions come with each wrap, but a gift certificate to a baby-wearing class can be a nice complement to the gift so parents can learn various ways to wrap as the child ages.

Here are some wraps I love:


2. The Baby Book

This book is a parenting must-have. It was written to encourage families to find their own unique parenting styles and to trust their intuition. It also serves as a reference guide for all questions about baby from birth. Everything from how to take a temperature to how to soothe a baby to sleep. There’s also information about knowing when to call the pediatrician in this supportive, long-cherished, whole-family classic.

3. Don’t Underestimate Fresh Flowers

Bringing color, scent, and freshness into a home can liven up the space where a family with a newborn has been spending a lot of time. Flowers can reinvigorate a home after many sleepless nights and can add to the release of oxytocin, the love and appreciation hormone, as the family observes their beauty.

When bringing flowers or sending flowers, try to find ones in season at your local farmer’s market. If that’s not possible, there are many eco-friendly and organic options on the web. As well, check the list of toxic plants before sending anything to a home with a new baby.


4. After the Baby’s Birth: A Complete Guide for Postpartum Women

From recipes, to exercises, to frequently asked questions, this beautiful book by world-renowned midwife Robin Lim elegantly and passionately explores everything new parents may be wondering about navigating their new postpartum (after the baby is born) world. It’s the perfect gift for your soulful mom-to-be or new mother who wants to connect at a deeper level with herself and her body during her postpartum experience. As Robin Lim says, “You are pregnant for forty weeks but are postpartum for the rest of your life.”

5. Relaxing Herbal Teas

Another item not to underestimate—herbal teas! Find a recipe online, and collect and mix your own special mother’s tea like this Mountain Woman Tea. Many recipes can be found that use different herbs to support breastfeeding, relaxation, or uterine toning. Of course, all new moms will need to consult their doctor before starting any new dietary regime, even teas.

As always, I’d love to hear from all of you with any great new-mom gift ideas.

Cheers and happy gifting!

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