Introducing the Mommy Makeover Contest Participants | Model Behaviors

Introducing the Mommy Makeover Contest Participants

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am so excited for this contest. I’m excited for our participants. I’m excited to work with our incredible advisers. And I’m excited for our Comeback Circle! I know we’re all going to kick some major butt when it comes to setting and reaching our SMART goals throughout these twelve weeks.

We’re not going to officially begin the contest until February 1st, but I wanted to take a moment to introduce each of our participants. Before we get into who they are, where they’re from, and what they hope to get out of this contest, I would like to go on record and state that these five women are so incredibly brave. For putting themselves out there and for going on this journey with me. Each of the women who entered the contest, including these five, shared something truly honest and vulnerable in their 50-word entries. No matter what happens, that takes guts, and I appreciate the trust they’ve placed in me and in our advisers.

Now for the fun stuff. It’s time to learn more about our Mommy Makeover participants! Get ready to sweat with them, work hard with them, and ultimately triumph with them.

Danielle Koprowski

Introducing the Mommy Makeover Contest Participants | Model Behaviors

50-Word Entry: I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 4 years ago, but it went undiagnosed for 7 (ever since my son’s birth). I’m 5’2” and weighed in this morning at 192.4 lbs. I’m marrying my best friend this October but haven’t begun looking for a dress because I’m uncomfortable. Something has to change!

How Many Kids: 1

Name and Age of Kid(s): Bryce, 11 years old

Favorite Thing About Yourself: I LOVE being a mom. There isn’t anything more rewarding in life. It’s such a huge honor being trusted to raise and mold a person. My son makes me proud every single day. I LOVE that I get to marry my best friend and will be able to be a wife to the most amazing man. God intended us to be together and I’m so grateful for him being a part of our lives. Lastly, I like that I have a very creative spirit. I’m a hairstylist and makeup artist. The industry is the perfect place for me because I get to express all of my creativity, not only at home but when I go to “work.”

Current Eating Habits: Pretty clean when I’m able. I like to try and abide by the 80/20 rule. I also have a gluten allergy.
Current Workout Routine: I just recently bought a gym membership at the beginning of the year. I never in a million years thought I would get the chance to participate in this contest. So I was doing everything in my power to make the best changes for my health that I could. I have been working out 4-5 times a week in the gym for about an hour a day.

What You Struggle with the Most in Meeting Health and Fitness Goals: My thyroid. Since my hypothyroidism went untreated for 7.5 years, I have no thyroid function. I gained quite a bit of weight through this process, and it’s been extremely hard to find something that works. This has been a hard battle for me, and I haven’t felt myself for some time now. I’m really hoping that this contest is going to help me take a step in the right direction with all the help and support from these lovely ladies.

Describe Your Style in 3 Words: Casual, Cute, Comfortable

Goals for This Contest: I want to feel better about myself and comfortable in my own skin. I would like to lose 50 lbs by my wedding, but this is only 12 weeks. I haven’t purchased a wedding dress because of how I feel about myself. I would like to meet that weight loss goal, not only to feel better about myself inside and out, but to also be able to go wedding dress shopping at the end of this!

Danielle’s SMART Goal

Specific: To be the best version of myself in 2016 and make it my greatest year yet!
Measurable: To lose 20 lbs during these next 12 weeks. To have the confidence in myself to wedding dress shop at the end of my 12-week journey.
Achievable: No making excuses. Make the right choices when it comes to food. Take my supplements and kick my own butt in the gym. Don’t give up on the version of myself that I have yet to meet!
Realistic: Absolutely, it’s less than 2 lbs a week.
Time-Bound: 12 awesome, butt-kicking weeks!

Nikki Evans

Introducing the Mommy Makeover Contest Participants | Model Behaviors

50-Word Entry: Last January, I became a “mom” when we accepted placement of a 4-month-old foster baby. This baby is now a little boy on the path to being ours forever. I want to be the best mother I can and give him every chance he deserves.

How Many Kids: 1

Name and Age of Kid(s): Remington**, 16 months

Favorite Thing About Yourself: My personality and sense of humor.

Current Eating Habits: A lot of easy-to-make meals, fast casual when we don’t want to cook, fast casual during the day when I’m working. They could be better.
Current Workout Routine: Chasing after a toddler, recreational sports (softball, volleyball).  They just opened a YMCA in our small community so we got a membership there as well (which is perfect for this challenge!)

What You Struggle with the Most in Meeting Health and Fitness Goals: I struggle with consistency. I get very excited at the beginning of a new plan, and then it seems to taper off. Like most people, I hate feeling hungry. For whatever reason, it permeates my whole mood and affects more than it probably should. I also struggle with the motivation to keep it up, which ties back into consistency.

Describe Your Style in 3 Words: Monochromatic, easy, business-casual (I made that one word with the hyphen there).

Goals for This Contest: To be a better version of myself. I’ve always been fairly athletic, which is not reflected in my current physical appearance. My current physical appearance also has an impact on how I view many aspects of myself mentally. We are on the cusp of adopting this sweet little boy and I want everything for him. He deserves a mom who leads by example and shows him a healthy and full life.

**As the adoption is not final yet, we are not allowed to use his full name or show his face on social media. I call him “Lil R” when I post about him. I hope that’s okay!

Nikki’s SMART Goal

Specific: 2016 will be the year to transform bad habits into good habits and use the tools I’ve been granted to make the best version of me yet.
Measurable: Lose 8-10 pounds in 12 weeks, lose inches and tone
Achievable: Through nutrition and fitness, supplemental products, utilizing clothing and makeup to accent my natural look, and support from friends and family.
Realistic: Yes! It will be important for me to remember that 12 weeks is just the beginning of a new chapter in health and well-being for me.
Time-Bound: 12 weeks to start, but infinite time to maintain.

Renee Manocchio

Introducing the Mommy Makeover Contest Participants | Model Behaviors

50-Word Entry: I love my children, but I’ve lost myself in motherhood and want to get back to the woman I once loved. My husband also deserves to have the old me back. I hope to inspire other moms by showing them it’s important to take care of your family AND yourself.

How Many Kids: 3

Name and Age of Kid(s): Ava, 4 years old; Gianna, 3 years old; Andrew, 1 year old

Favorite Thing About Yourself: My ability to talk and help anyone. Whether it’s a close friend, family member, or even someone I don’t know as well, it makes me feel good knowing that people appreciate my input.

Current Eating Habits: I try to eat healthy and follow a calorie tracker (My Fitness Pal) throughout the day. This helps me stay conscious of what I eat. However, I find that some days I go for sweets, and then my calorie count is so small that it leaves me little room for a nutritious meal. I end up feeling hungry or going over on calories. I also go through waves. One week I meal plan and eat three healthy meals a day, but another week I’m less prepared and fall off track. This leads to unhealthy meals which leave me feeling guilty and sluggish.
Current Workout Routine: Much like my eating habits, my workout routine fluctuates. I enjoy running every other or every two days. However, winter weather and daylight in Illinois has restricted the amount of running I can do. When I’m not running, I mostly do Plyometrics, yoga, and occasionally work with bands and light weights. On a good week, I’m active four out of the seven days. On a bad week, I’m lucky to squeeze in one workout. Right now I have more bad weeks than good. I feel guilty for doing my workouts rather than my duties as a mom, and this contributes to not putting in the time for a solid fitness routine.

What You Struggle with the Most in Meeting Health and Fitness Goals: A huge part of me wants to be physically fit and spend time working on myself, while another side of me gets lost in being a mom and putting everyone else’s needs first. I end up putting my goals and wants on the back burner. I start to feel guilty for wanting to get a workout in rather than using that time to be a better mom or wife. This means I end up dedicating my workout time to reading or playing games with the kids or cooking a fancy dinner. When I exercise and eat right, I’m happier, less stressed, and have more patience with my family. When I don’t exercise, I become unhappy, short fused, and just not fun to be around. If I could find a way to balance my fitness and health goals and do it in a way where I wouldn’t feel guilty for spending the time on myself, that would help my struggle.

Describe Your Style in 3 Words: Sporty, Outgoing, Fun

Goals for This Contest:

1) Become a healthier, happier, version of myself
2) Share my knowledge with other moms and inspire them to achieve health and fitness goals
3) Lose a few pounds and inches in my waist and thighs and tone the rest of my body
4) Find my balance and routine and make it a permanent lifestyle
5) Become more confident in myself
6) Find myself again

Renee’s SMART Goal

Specific: In 2016 I will get back to my pre-baby, wedding-day weight while inspiring at least one other person.
Measurable: Lose 7 pounds in 12 weeks and share my successes via social media.
Achievable: I will achieve this through consistency in regular workouts, accountability for my clean diet, and willingness to share my knowledge and growth with others.
Realistic: For sure! I can lose a little more than half a pound per week while sharing what I’m learning with others.
Time-bound: 12 weeks

Vanessa Sparacio

Introducing the Mommy Makeover Contest Participants | Model Behaviors

50-Word Entry: After giving birth at midnight on New Year’s Day, I found myself thrust into a media spotlight. I was forced to see what many months of personal neglect looked like. I’m ready to refocus on a more beautiful me to be the best mom to my two children.

How Many Kids: 2

Name and Age of Kid(s): Sienna, 18 months; Austin, 3 weeks

Favorite Thing About Yourself: My uncanny ability to multitask.

Current Eating Habits: I try to eat everything in moderation and maintain a balance this way. However, during pregnancy, chocolate milkshakes became their own food group!

Current Workout Routine: None! Chasing after a toddler is my primary cardio.

What You Struggle with the Most in Meeting Health and Fitness Goals: Finding time is the biggest struggle. After my daughter Sienna was born, I ambitiously rejoined the gym the moment I could. I quickly found out that it was nearly impossible to schedule someone to babysit so that I could make a spin class, and quickly ended my membership. Now with another baby, I really need to find a way to get fit at home. As for eating, when I worked full time, I packed healthy food and always preferred to graze rather than big meals. Now, I find myself skipping the healthier options for comfort food and making poor choices when I’m tired.

Describe Your Style in 3 Words: Polished, Casual, Classic

Goals for This Contest: Establish a healthy eating schedule since I do thrive on structure that I can maintain (I’ve never dieted!), and find a way to tone up at home. What I miss most about my body isn’t really the aesthetic, as much as the feeling of being strong.

Vanessa’s SMART Goal

Specific: Build Mommy Muscles and Shed Baby Weight
Measurable: Lose 5-8 Pounds In 12 Weeks
Achievable: This will be achieved by carving time to become the best me. I will become a thoughtful eater, take care of my body through supplements and a healthy diet and clear the mind with a workout routine. The accountability is with Model Behaviors, the Internet, and those scary before pictures!
Realistic: Yes! I think ½ a pound per week is a healthy goal and will be just in time for a planned beach vacation.
Time-bound: 12 weeks

Vange Villalpando

Introducing the Mommy Makeover Contest Participants | Model Behaviors

50-Word Entry: It’s very simple. I want to be healthy and feel sexy! Having children, volunteering, teaching, and being a wife takes a lot out of a woman. It’s time to put myself first so that I can become the woman I know I am deep inside. 2016 here we come!

How Many Kids: 2

Name and Age of Kid(s): Vanessa Marie, 6 years old; Levi Anthony, 3 years old

Favorite Thing About Yourself: My favorite thing about myself is my fun and outgoing personality, along with my smile.

Current Eating Habits: Unfortunately not the best, but could be worse.  I eat three  meals a day and snacks in between.  I do not eat sweets often but I love those carbs such as tortillas and chips.   I have always loved to drink water and almost never drink sodas or juices.  I make homemade meals daily for my family.  We eat out once a week.
Current Workout Routine: A few other teachers and I walk a mile 2-4 times a week.  Other than that I don’t really work out.  Does running after children count?!

What You Struggle with the Most in Meeting Health and Fitness Goals: Mental struggle and time-management are the two things I struggle with the most.  I’m so busy with work, volunteering, church, and my kids that I rarely make time for myself.  When I do have time, I tend to do something sedentary instead of getting active.

Describe Your Style in 3 Words: Sophisticated, classic, casual

Goals for This Contest: I would love to get my body back! On the inside I am a very confident woman and I want my outside to match! I want to make some serious lifestyle changes that will improve my overall health and life.  I am ready to get serious and make some big changes.  I am also excited to learn from the Behaviorists and apply the expertise they will share with me.

Vange’s SMART Goal

Specific: Get Healthy, Look Healthy, Stay Healthy
Measurable: Lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks, see significant changes in before/after photos
Achievable: Implement a detailed plan and schedule that includes working out,diet, and accountability
Realistic: 2 lbs per week
Timebound: 12 Weeks

Toni Muñoz-Hunt

Introducing the Mommy Makeover Contest Participants | Model Behaviors

How Many Kids: 1

Name and Age of Kid(s): Darlington, 7 months

Favorite Thing about Yourself: There are two things and I love them equally. Old: The ability to connect amazing women. New: The ability to create a tiny human.

Current Eating Habits: I eat pretty healthy. I have a fresh juice concoction for breakfast. I mostly snack for lunch, something like: a boiled egg, avocado, almonds, or a little salad. Then for dinner, we try to eat lean meats and greens. BUT, here’s where I get in trouble. I love my coffee like a milkshake and I heart chocolate…A LOT!

Current Workout Routine: I run 4-5 miles every day. BUT, I really need to incorporate core strength and stretching, like yoga.

What You Struggle with the Most in Meeting Health and Fitness Goals: I need to kick out the candy and factor in the yoga.

Describe Your Style in 3 Words: Kahlo meets Depp

Goals for This Contest: Personally, I’d like to lose 6-8 pounds.  Collectively, I want to help create an honest and authentic space for all of us women to be real and supportive of each other.

Toni’s SMART Goal

Specific: 2016 To Be The Year Of My Best Body (I’m borrowing this from Oprah)
Measurable: By Losing 6-8 Pounds In 12 Weeks
Achievable: Through cleansing, getting on a proper supplement program, creating a healthy diet and improved workout routine, dressing for my body type, and having a professional accountability partner guide me along the way.
Realistic: Yes! I think ½ a pound per week is very doable.
Time-Bound: 12 weeks

This Sunday, January 31st, we’re having our first Comeback Circle video chat! This is our accountability group that’s going to keep me, these participants, and YOU motivated to stick to our goals throughout the Mommy Makeover Contest. In the chat, we’ll all meet each other (including you, if you join!) and share our SMART goals with each other. If any of the participants isn’t sure about her SMART goal, we’ll work through it together.

This contest is about taking ownership of the things we want in life, starting with becoming healthy and strong from the inside out!

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