Latest Fall Color Trend: Eye Shadows

Fall is here and in most cities the leaves are changing colors. If you close your eyes for a second and picture Central Park in the fall, what do you see? Millions of trees and billions of multicolored leaves forming an endless quilt. Among the emerald evergreens, splashes of copper, gold, and bronze make a mystic and gorgeous pattern.

The eye makeup trends for fall 2014 are very much in tune with the colors of nature with a bit of shimmer and sheen thrown in!

Past seasons were obsessed with bold lip colors, but this year it’s all about the eyes. Metallic eye shadows, sexy cat eyes, and smoky eyes were all over Fashion Week.

This season, here are my two favorite eye shadow palettes for the fall.

The first is a limited edition Chanel Quadra called “Poesie #234.”


There are four different shades in this palette, and the first is a medium-warm-toned copper metallic with iridescent shimmer. The second shade is the “highlight.” It’s light and warm with a pearly finish that subtly reflects opalescent pink in the light. The third is a medium-deep to deep-warm coffee brown with reddish-purple undertones. The fourth and last shade is a pale, cool, silvery pink shimmer.

The formula of “Poésie” is truly fantastique! The shadows have a softness that blends like a dream. The pigments are amazing and give truly opaque coverage. You can achieve a multitude of effects, from soft and natural to dark and mysterious. There is no creasing or fading and almost no fallout. These eye shadows easily last all day.

My second choice is the Dior 5 Couleurs eye shadow palettes. Dior just released eleven new and permanent eye shadow palettes in the beginning of August along with their Fall Collection. “796 Cuir Cannage” is my favorite, but the whole collection is to die for!


The first shade in “Cuir Cannage” is a deep, plum-infused brown with a satin finish. It is a gorgeous shade, which can be worn on its own or in combination with other shades from the palette. The second shade is very light ivory with a satiny to shimmery finish. This is the lightest shade of the palette, which is very useful under the brow bone or as a corner highlighter. You can also use it to lighten up any of the other deeper shades. The third shade is a very deep, cool, blackened brown with a satin finish. There are enough dark shades for definition, but if you want to increase the drama even further, this is your shade. The fourth shade is a mid-toned copper. This one is the most metallic in the palette. The shimmer is there but not over the top. The center shade is a mid-toned warm olive brown with a matte to satin finish. This one is great to run around the crease before deepening.

For different colors, you can also go for “096 Pied de Poule,” an edgy collection of almost-blacks, with petrol blue, soft cream, matte black, forest green, and charcoal gray with a golden shimmer.


Or there’s “566 Versailles,” perfect for creating a striking lamé effect with platinum, bronze, and liquid gold.


So, ladies, go out there and try some of these new colors for the fall! Have fun with it. Be creative. Experiment.

But always remember you are already beautiful just the way you are. Makeup is only a tool made to magnify the beauty that already exists!


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