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MB Collective: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

For our collective post this month, I asked the ladies to get a little personal and a little vulnerable about a topic that affects us all—domestic violence. On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men (source). There are campaigns like No More, It’s On Us, and Futures Without Violence that raise a national voice to this issue, and I highly encourage you to check out each of them. Today, to honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Behaviorists share their own experiences with domestic violence and why they are dedicated to ending it.


I want my daughter’s generation to associate  home with a peaceful safe haven from our crazy world unlike many women of today who live with the terror of domestic violence.


We’re taught from day one that violence is a natural part of our humanity. Until we learn otherwise, this belief is so prevalent that many women and men in abusive relationships, including myself at one point in my life, believe this is simply how relationships work. But it’s not. Each and every human deserves love, respect, and kindness without abuse. We can and we must change our beliefs about violence.


I found the strength to walk away because I knew I had a solid support network, but so many others don’t have that or don’t feel that they do. I believe everyone facing domestic violence should be able to feel and say with certainty that there is someone standing behind them, whether it’s their best friend or a complete stranger. Strength is everywhere, and every now and again we need to borrow a little bit from one another.


Domestic violence is devastating and damaging. It’s a harsh punishment no human should suffer. It’s a cruel way to deal with emotions, with anger especially. It’s a hit or a word, a hit or a word that can become an addiction, can become an end to someone’s beloved life. It’s a hit or a word that can damage a beautiful face, a body, a mind. A hit or a word that can damage a heart on the inside. I know, I’ve been there…


I want my daughters to grow up in a world where they know that their lives matter, womens’ lives matters and they feel empowered to affect change.


This is a tough topic to discuss. My mother was a victim of domestic violence throughout her childhood. It breaks my heart to know this incredible woman, who was just a child at the time, had to go through such horrific experiences. I wish someone had said something; I wish someone had done something.

She has overcome so much adversity, sought help and guidance and is now a strong, intelligent, amazing woman and mother.

If you see or hear something, do something. If you ever have any suspicions, ask. Stand up and speak out. Help be a voice for those who don’t think they have one.

We wear purple in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

To learn more, please visit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, join one of the campaigns listed above, or find a nonprofit near you.

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