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MB Gets a New Summer Look!

In May, I decided to test out a few theories about friendship, fashion, new life, sustainability, and love! To do this, I enlisted the help of a few friends, who also happen to be fellow Behaviorists!

The first step was…well….easy—to help Toni celebrate new life and love through friendship—except when outrunning and hiding from tornados. But, being alive to experience this brand-new chapter in life feels like a huge celebration and accomplishment unto itself!

Oh yeah, and the second step and accomplishment? Proving sustainably made clothes can hold their own! Minus a little rain, mosquitos, and mud, that idea actually turned out as planned! And hopefully, a few looks that we played dress up in will usher in some warmer and drier months ahead…

Thinking ahead, I just can’t help it. Maybe it’s the Texas weather that’s making me a bit more introspective these days, but as a whole, I believe our globe is connected like no other time in history. It’s important we remember the ripple effect, without settling for subpar. With me, that’s just not going to happen! Sure, there are times I’m so frustrated that I’m ready to throw in the towel. I love fashion, design, and events, but I also love and believe in sustainability. Why can’t we have it all? I try not to care. It would be easier to just call it quits by running off to a deserted island, and then I realize that I’d probably get bored—so I turn back to our reality.

MB Gets a New Summer Look! | Model Behaviors

And the reality is that it all comes down to love. Did I mention that I love the word love, and I’m so happy that it’s our word and theme for the month? Love is what will save people in developing nations who work in unregulated factories. When we connect with our love for them, it becomes difficult to participate in our generation’s version of human slavery—fast fashion. Please don’t buy fast fashion! Love is what will help save the many animals tortured each year for fashion too. Please think twice about buying that fur vest or the latest and greatest in leather shoes. Love is what will keep us from poisoning our home for future generations. Please remember that we want our grandkids to experience trees, animals, oceans, and fresh air the way we get to.

MB Gets a New Summer Look! | Model Behaviors

With love for conscious consumerism and sustainable style, I introduce to you: the latest makeover for Model Behaviors, featuring organic cotton, good old-fashion made in the USA, local, fair trade, conflict-free, artisan, animal-friendly, and sustainable fashion. Take a peek around the new Spring/Summer Model Behaviors. This is loving fashion, jewelry, and beauty with just a hint of granola!



PS: Lots of LOVE to V.O.D., Thierry Colson, Frock LA, and William Noble Rare Jewels. Thank you!

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