Model Behaviors: A New Look and Evolution

We love our crew so much! This community has really grown into something we’re proud of. Thank you all for being part of this growth. Do you want to see just how great it is when you put eight amazing women together? Check out our video that explains it.

Thank you to Kharis Media, Simon Lopez Photography, Laurie Graham Style, and Kelly Whaley for all their help with the making of this video and photo shoot!

Today marks the latest evolution in the Model Behaviors journey. Over the last year, I’ve slowly introduced eight other women, our Behaviorists, who share their stories, expertise, and passion on a wide variety of topics every month. Sometimes, when I’m reading their posts, when their hearts and souls come blazing through in their words, I have to pinch myself. How did I get so lucky to meet these women? How did I get so lucky to have them be a part of this crazy dream of mine?

A couple months ago, I sent out an email to each of our Behaviorists to let them know the date and time for our next photo shoot. With all the changes in my life and with all the new additions to the team in these last few months, it felt like the right time for a revamp. I was hoping for three or four of our Behaviorists to come, but when I realized that a huge majority of our writers would be here, it filled me with an emotion I barely know how to describe. It was a wild combination of gratitude, awe, energy, and rampant joy—that so many of these ladies would take time out of their incredibly busy and full lives to spend a day with me and with each other.  It spoke to the part of me that began this crazy scheme, the part of me that always knew, deep down, that women will love and support each other if given the right environment to do it.

Model Behaviors: A New Look and Evolution | Model Behaviors

Our day spent in each other’s company didn’t disappoint. Rather, it reinforced everything, all my hopes and dreams for the site, all my visions for what Model Behaviors could be. Laurie nailed it so perfectly in her style inspiration post a couple weeks ago. If I had to choose one word to correctly describe these women, it would be authentic. Each Behaviorist shared a piece of her heart at one point or another throughout the day, and by the time we all had to say goodbye, it was with lingering, heartfelt hugs and genuine sadness.  I, for one, went to sleep with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for everything we’re doing on MB.

Model Behaviors: A New Look and Evolution | Model Behaviors

Today, I invite you to look around our updated site. Scroll through each of the Behaviorist collages, the sidebar images, our video, and the new categories we’ve included. As we close out 2015 and move into a brand-new year, our goal is to share our stories, our passions, our fears, and our triumphs. We welcome you to join us on the latest evolution of Model Behaviors. Thank you so much for being part of the journey so far.


Videography: Kharis Media

Photography: Simon Lopez

Styling: Laurie Graham

Hair & Makeup: Kelly Whaley

Production: Model Behaviors

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