Model Behaviors Gets A New Fall Makeover!

It’s officially been a year and two months since Model Behaviors was launched! What a labor of love this whole process has been, and to be quite honest, I didn’t know if I had what it took to see it through at the time. My limiting beliefs consumed me. I had spent more than half of my life in the fashion industry, but I couldn’t help but wonder what’s next. I wanted a way to celebrate discovery and what it is to be a woman of today, and the only thing that would stop me from doing so would be me. It was finally time to weave together my passions and interests—no more compartmentalizing! It just so happened that I wasn’t alone; every woman that I spoke with said they also yearned for connectedness and balance in their lives.  And I knew that I wanted to create a loving space where our collective energies and interests would thrive in a transparent and meaningful way. Thus, Model Behaviors was born. After beginning this journey alone, I am proud to be bringing on fellow Behaviorists and passionate women. They are not only experts in their fields, but are truly dynamic individuals. And with fall here, it’s time to harvest this new vision. Today on Model Behaviors, take a look at our revamped site and some of the new faces to join on our team. More announcements are right around the corner.  Stay tuned…

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