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Motherhood Advice: All a Mother Needs Is Love

As my due date fast approaches, I’ve been experiencing a wide mix of emotions while also trying to accomplish as many last-minute preparations before our little nugget makes her first appearance. Along with the mother-to-be frenzy is the barrage of unsolicited motherhood advice and scary stories.  I try to take the good from each and make them my own, but then I started thinking: I have Model Behaviors.

Our dynamic team of Behaviorists is made up of such incredible women with an array of experiences and expertise, and I knew they’d have wonderful insight and wisdom to share with me, regardless of if they were mothers or not. And I was right! See what they’ve all had to say…


Motherhood Advice | Model Behaviors

Toni, you’re going to be an amazing mother. You’re the kindest, most loving person I know, and that is all you need to be a great mother! Because that is all a child needs…LOVE!


Motherhood Advice | Model Behaviors

Love is as love does, and it is our responsibility to give children love. When we love children, we acknowledge by our every action that they are not property, that they have rights—that we respect and uphold their rights. Without justice there can be no love.” – bell hooks, “All About Love”


Motherhood Advice | Model Behaviors

The number-one thing I’ve heard from my mom friends is that your life will be forever altered in the most beautiful way. You’ll discover deep wells of selflessness, and you’ll gain a new understanding of your own mother. Embrace the change. Soak in every moment. Rejoice in the magic of your family. Rely on your confidence, love, and open heart to get you through any bumps and roadblocks along the way. You got this!


Motherhood Advice | Model Behaviors

Toni, always trust yourself. Know in your heart of hearts and deepest part of you that you and your partner will be able to make the best decisions for your child. There are so many options out there, from parenting styles to daily decisions—just listen to the part of you that is tapped into your child’s needs and all the love you have to give. 


Motherhood Advice | Model Behaviors

Toni, congratulations on so many milestones this May! Baby Girl Hunt is loved and blessed beyond measure already, and I can only imagine what the future will hold for your family. Try to have just as much patience with yourself (and Dan!) as you do with your daughter. It really and truly is a constant learning process. Remember that you will only be the mother of young children for an unfairly short season in your life, and although certain days may drag, these early moments are some of the most precious and fleeting. Enjoy this wonderful time to come!

Kathryn F

Motherhood Advice | Model Behaviors

Keep the world at bay in the very beginning and spend time just you, your spouse, and your new baby. When you have a tough night or a tough day with your newborn, remind yourself that she will never be this small again. Loving her delicate and miraculous features helps keep you calm and likely is more comforting for her. Remember that you and baby are evolving constantly, so reassess some things as you go. What may have been best for you and baby in the beginning may not be so anymore. Finally, my favorite advice, which I got from my mom and which I applied to things like baby’s schedule or a glass of wine after a feeding, is “a happy mom makes a happy baby.” 

Kathryn K

Motherhood Advice | Model Behaviors

Well, I can’t give you motherhood advice, but as an experienced Fairy GodMother…

I’m here to help you plan birthday parties, take her for ice cream when she hasn’t had dinner, play make-believe, watch movies with and without a Prince Charming, play dress-up (even when that means she lipsticks outside the lines), and basically spoil her rotten!

I’ll show her patience, kindness, love, and I’ll sharpen my skills as an expert negotiator! However, most importantly, I’m here to support you! And when you need a break, I promise you will, see that’s when my Fairy GodMothering really begins. It’s just part of the deal!

Super-duper-zippity-doo-dah beyond excited for this next chapter in your life to begin. You’re already an amazing role model and I can’t wait to see you flourish. Love y’all!

Thank you all for making these last couple of days and weeks so special. I feel more ready than ever, and I know that all I need to welcome our little girl and this new chapter is love!

Feel free to throw in your own bit of motherhood advice in our comments below.

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