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Please Contribute to Photojournalist Jared Moossy’s Recovery Fund

Last month, renowned photojournalist and cinematographer, Jared Moossy, was hit on his motorcycle by a drunk driver. He was critically injured and will need several months of rehab before he is able to get out there and work again.

We’re so lucky to know Jared and to have had a chance to work with this talent last year. We all knew the moment that we met him that we would be in great hands.  He brings such professionalism to the set, and the whole world would be such a better place if we could all see things through his eyes.  Each of the photos in the collage above are pictures from last year’s shoot.

In an effort to help him get back on his feet, his family has put together a fantastic Indiegogo campaign where you can donate to his recovery costs and living expenses. Other renowned photographers from all over the world have donated prints to help their remarkable friend. As prints sell out, new ones are brought in to take their place. This isn’t a sure sign of, not only how much his peers love and respect him, but also how much they care for this humanitarian. We’re all rooting for him, and I hope you’ll take a moment to contribute whatever you can.

If the prints are outside of your price range, there’s also a Go Fund Me page for him as well.

Below is a reel featuring his cinematography work. As you can see, he is very versatile, shooting everything from humanitarian projects to the HBO series “Witness” to human interest stories.

Jared Moossy Reel Jan 2015 from Jared Moossy on Vimeo.

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