Priya's Latest Endeavor: Mahila | Model Behaviors

Priya’s Latest Endeavor: Mahila

This is likely not the first or last time you’ll see me write about how supporting and empowering women is a priority to me. Whether it’s through my work here on Model Behaviors, philanthropic or female based projects and events, or just being there for the women closest to me in life, it’s something I think about often. The older I get the stronger this desire becomes. Couple this with the fact that I have two very young daughters and some days the feeling is overpowering. Which brings me to Mahila.

Early last year a group of five women in Dallas (including me) came together to start Mahila. Mahila means “woman” in Hindi. As we say on our website, to us Mahila at its core is an organization created by women for women. We all felt a strong desire to work together to further the cause of women, and therefore decided we would form a group with this purpose in mind. For our inaugural event we’re partnering with Milaap USA.

Priya's Next Endeavor: Mahila | Model Behaviors

Click the photo for more details about our inaugural event.

Milaap USA’s mission is to provide low-cost micro-loans for the working poor in India to empower them to live more dignified, self-sufficient and healthy lives. Milaap USA works with a network of organizations with established programs to provide affordable microloans and training to the working poor in the following areas of need: small business development, vocational training, water and sanitation, clean/renewable energy, and healthcare. All of the proceeds from our event will go toward the enterprise development sector within Milaap USA, a fund specifically devoted to deploying funds to low-income women entrepreneurs.

Priya's Next Endeavor: Mahila | Model Behaviors

To be part of an organization that helps women lead richer, more fulfilled and independent lives brings me immense joy. Whenever I work on projects like these, and this one in particular, my daughters are always at the forefront of my mind. What kind of example am I setting for them, what type of world am I helping to create for them, and what am I teaching them. Every day these girls push me to be better, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

As we are a newly formed group, we could use as much support as possible! Please help our cause by donating,  purchasing a ticket to our inaugural event, or becoming an event sponsor. To do so please visit

Priya's Next Endeavor: Mahila | Model Behaviors

As always, MB readers, thank you for allowing me to share my journey, and I hope to be a part of yours!

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