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Quarterly Book Club: “Dead Don’t Lie” by L. R. Nicolello

Our first book club discussion has arrived! Here’s a refresher of how this online book club will work tonight.

Of course you’ve read “Dead Don’t Lie” by L. R. Nicolello, or are at least in the process of reading it! To be a part of the discussion, come visit the site at 8:00 p.m. Central Time tonight. Below, there are a few lead questions that I’ll use to get things started. We welcome your questions and discussion topics as well!

1) The phrase “Dead Don’t Lie” appears more than once in the story. Plus it’s the title of the book! I love how the main character, Evelyn, uses this phrase to keep herself focused on figuring out a case. She knows the facts are there that will lead her to the perpetrator. She just has to figure out what those facts are trying to tell her. What did you guys think of the title? Did it fit the story? What does the phrase “dead don’t lie” mean to you?

2) In our interview with Lynell, she said that she was nervous about including romance in the story because she had never written in that genre before. I’m no expert, but I thought the end of Chapter Seventeen was pretty smokin’. Did the romance work for you?

3) In Chapter Twenty, a main character is killed. I’ll be honest. I got a little mad at Lynell when I was reading it (not really, but I thought about sending her a strongly worded email). How could she do that to us when we’d already spent nineteen chapters loving this character and laughing with this character? What about you? What was your reaction to that moment?

Answer one or all of these questions in the comments below! Or ask a question of your own. (Not related, but after reading “Dead Don’t Lie,” I really want to visit Seattle. Anyone else?) I’ll be here at 8:00 p.m. sharp. Hope to see you then!


Note: There may be spoilers in our discussion tonight, so if you haven’t finished reading, and don’t want to know the ending, be forewarned.

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