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Song of the Week: “Dragon” by The Villettes

Did you see our sneak peek video that went up last Tuesday? Before we go any further, make sure you watch it because Toni, Kathryn, KK, and Holly were all looking fresh and gorgeous as they frolicked around the ranch.

And of course, if you haven’t gotten the chance to look around the site, make sure you do because we have a new look!

Though I was sad that I couldn’t be at the photo shoot in person—flower crowns are my favorite—I was still able to be there through my music!

The song you heard is called “Dragon” and it’s off an EP I released with my band, The Villettes, last month. This song holds a special place in my heart because it’s the only song on the EP that my sister sings on. In fact, the whole song came from a series of tweets she wrote years ago, telling the story of a dragon, the moon, and the sea.

In her story, a dragon leaps into the sky and steals the moon. The ocean, who’s secretly in love with the moon, rises up with a great wave and swallows the dragon and all of his fire, releasing the moon in the process. But the moon knows there will be more dragons who will keep trying to steal her away. So to save her from future dragons, the ocean dries all the water from the lakes and rivers so that the only water source is the sea. Then when all the dragons come to drink, the ocean rises up and swallows them. The dragons become harmless seahorses. To show her thanks, the moon turns the ocean’s shores, creating the rising and falling tides. The moon and the ocean continue to love each other eternally.

When I read her tweets, I immediately texted her and said, “We’ve got to write a song about this!” A couple days later, I was futzing around on the guitar and stumbled upon a simple but sweet melody. Erin came running into the living room and said, “That’s perfect for the dragon song!” She grabbed another guitar and we sat down and wrote the whole thing right then and there.

Let me tell you, this rarely happens. Usually I lock myself in my room and struggle for days on end to get anything out. Then after I’ve played a new song over and over for weeks, trying to decide if I actually like it or not, I’ll tentatively play it in front of the band. I still can’t believe how effortlessly “Dragon” happened, so I’ve always thought there was something extra magical about this one.

If you enjoy “Dragon,” you can download it for free here (or pay what you want), along with the rest of the EP. The Villettes are always up to some sort of shenanigans, which you can find on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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