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Song of the Week: “Get Away” by Latasha Lee & the Black Ties

“I used to think everything was okay, but now I see that we ain’t on the same page.”

Do you know that moment in a relationship when something clicks and you realize this thing you’ve worked on for years isn’t working anymore? When you look at everything around you and there’s not much making you happy? And that’s when you tell yourself, “Get some courage, Girl. It’s time to leave.”

That’s a hard moment. No one wants to find herself there, but these moments come for us anyway. “Get Away” is a pep talk. It’s a list of all the things a partner hasn’t done, all the warning signs you ignored, and all the little things you tried to tell yourself were just part of being in a committed relationship. It can tear you up on the inside and make you feel like your mind is out of control, going back and forth on what you feel and what you don’t feel. In the end, it’s a weird sort of bravery to leave a long-term relationship, and this song is about finding that bravery deep inside ourselves.

Latasha Lee’s raspy, mesmerizing voice meshes well with the ’60s R&B vibe of the song. Her lyrics have just the right amount of sass and vulnerability, and just the right amount of upbeat determination. This song will lift you up, make you feel strong and confident, and help you envision a difficult decision that will eventually turn into something great.

In my own songwriting, I tend to hide behind metaphors and whimsical stories, but I have a real appreciation for lyricists who can put themselves out there and talk about real life the way Lee does. At the end of her second verse, she says, “It makes you feel good when I’m unhappy. If I leave, you said I wasn’t gon’ make it, but I be crazy if I sit here and take it.” Then the chorus comes in, confident and resilient. She finishes her song with certainty.

If you like “Get Away,” also check out “Can’t Walk Away” and “Watch Me Now” by Latasha Lee & The Black Ties.

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