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Song of the Week: “Lemon Eyes” by Meg Myers

I love a girl with a voice, and I extra love a girl with confidence. Meg Myers delivers nothing but voice and confidence on her debut album, “Sorry.” Both of these qualities are on full display in her second single, “Lemon Eyes.”

It’s a song about bitterness, jealousy, pain, all those nasty feelings, but it’s also about trying to make someone leave those feelings behind and move toward new love instead. My favorite part is the pre-chorus.

“You’re so bitter, bitter, bitter yellow/ Settle, settle, got to settle down, okay?/ Listen, listen, you listen, yellow/ It’s a killer, a killer, a killer, jealousy.” I freaking love how she delivers these lines. It’s so unique and fun. She makes everything super staccato and breathy, but each syllable packs a punch, making this pre-chorus irresistibly sing-along-able.

Between the pre-chorus and the chorus, there’s a perky guitar arpeggio with a delay effect that leads into a one, two slam on the first sixteenth notes of the chorus. Then we’re power-chording it all the way through the chorus as Myers’s vocals slide up into an almost operatic falsetto, darting around on some catchy ooh-oohs.

What I really love about this song is that it’s comprised of a pretty standard pop song structure—verse, pre-chorus, chorus; verse, pre-chorus, chorus; bridge; chorus. But as we’re listening to it, she puts quirky twists on each of those elements so that even though we recognize the structure, we don’t care. It’s damn fun to listen to and to sing along to, maybe even headbang a little during the final chorus.

Another thing that makes this track stand out on her album is that it’s probably the lightest one. The rest go into some pretty dark territory. Y’all know I’m a fan of dark music, but it’s nice to see an artist show a spectrum, especially a new artist. This song gives the rest of the album perspective.

Honestly, I recommend jamming out to the whole album. It’s a great debut. But if you enjoy “Lemon Eyes” and are looking for something similar, try “Sorry” and “A Bolt from the Blue.”

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