Song of the Week: “Loner” by Sucré

Sucré is the solo project of Stacy DuPree King, who plays keys and is one of the main vocalists in Eisley. She’s from East Texas, which is where I spent a good chunk of my childhood. Plus, I’ve been listening to her make music for ten years, so all of her work has a special place in my heart.

“Loner” is the title track off her new EP, and I haven’t been able to stop listening to the whole thing since it came out at the beginning of September. This song starts out immediately with Stacy’s vocals. She sings, “Heaven calls, oh heaven calls,” over a waterfall of string-like synth arpeggios. As soon as the first verse is done, the synths erupt in a droney but still emotive melody. Toward the end of this synth solo, a tom-heavy drum fill brings the vocals back in. After another verse, the vocals change dramatically. Stacy soars up into a sustained falsetto, and I can feel my heart soaring along with the line, “I am a loner. Call me over. Call me over.”

I love the lyrics in this chorus because I have been there so many times. It’s way too easy for me to stay home in my own little world, content and tucked away from all the demands and heartache outside. And sometimes I even get annoyed or frustrated when my friends invite me out, or when it’s time to have band practice and people are going to be at my house. It feels like such a chore to interact with them. But what always happens is that I give in and try my best to play the extrovert, which is when I remember why I love them. I remember why it’s such a joy to have wonderful people filling every corner of my life, and all the inspiration and love and happiness they share with me. Hours can pass like minutes. We feed off each other’s energy and create beautiful things together.

That’s what I get from this song, and it helps me remember there’s always a balance. Being alone and being around people—I need both in equal parts.

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