Song of the Week: "Your Fool" by Natalie Prass

Song of the Week: “Your Fool” by Natalie Prass

When you’re in a band with your sister and two of your best friends, things can get real silly real quick. Sometimes we devolve into giggles for no reason. Sometimes we stop between songs to ask a legitimate question but it turns into a twenty-minute conversation. And sometimes our band practices get derailed, as we battle over the speakers and force each other to listen to our favorite new song over and over. That’s how I found Natalie Prass. Katie, our keys player and fellow vocalist in The Villettes, made us listen to one of her songs about five times in one sitting. By the end of practice we all knew the lyrics.

Luckily, we also loved the song, and I found a new favorite artist!

In “Your Fool,” the third track on her debut self-titled album, Prass’s lyrics are pretty straightforward. For instance, “The lovin’ that I made, all the promises that I gave, then you let me down. Every story, every lie, it won’t save you from me saying goodbye.” She’s tired of being treated like a fool, and she’s leaving—it needs no further translation.

The music underneath these lyrics has a nice swinging, 6/8 bounce to it, and there’s a lovely string and horn break around the 1:20 mark. Horn riffs accentuate Prass’s vocals throughout the entire song, lending her slightly forlorn subject matter a little more backbone and presence.

Prass’s voice is unique. Katie told me before listening that it was high and airy, almost flute-like, but I happen to love voices like that. I’ve found that female vocalists whose natural register is unusually high tend to have an insane amount of control over their pitch and tone. When Katie and I saw Prass at SXSW last month, I was happy to discover that she followed this trend.

Here’s a live, stripped-down version of “Your Fool,” where her pristine vocals are on full display.

If you enjoy “Your Fool,” give a listen to “Why Don’t You Believe in Me” and “My Baby Don’t Understand Me” (the song that Katie made us listen to over and over again!) by Natalie Prass.

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