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Song of the Week: “Works Like Magic” by YACHT

YACHT released a three-song EP called “Where Does This Disco” last September. “Works Like Magic” is the second track, and it’s crazy catchy, but all three songs on the EP have the electropop, dance vibe that the rest of YACHT’s work is known for.

As soon as “Works Like Magic” begins, there’s a tambourine and bouncy synth. When the vocals come in, sassy handclaps join the mix. Then a lively piano riff dances amongst everything. Suddenly, there are so many moving parts it’s hard to keep up with what you’re actually hearing—yet it all makes sense. A little part kicks in and then stops, but another little part slips in and then slips out again. The best way to listen is to just let the song do its thing while you enjoy the fun.

It’s hard to resist singing along too. Claire L. Evans enunciates each note with a sort of talkativeness, making strange, fun-house dips every once in a while. Then her voice turns robotic, catching like a broken record on the last word of a phrase. “Only got one life, got one life to live, live, live, live, live.” But then the song skips right back into a dance tune. It doesn’t really build. It doesn’t really go anywhere unexpected, but I remain entranced throughout its entirety, nonetheless.

“It works like magic,” repeats over and over in the end, and I believe it.

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