Summer Fiesta DIY: Taco Garland | Model Behaviors

Summer Fiesta DIY: Taco Garland

Today we have the second part of Holly’s Summer Fiesta DIY! Be sure the check out the first part, where she taught us how to make a tortilla flower dip holder. Not sure what that is? Stop by the post to find out!

I’m always looking to use materials in unexpected ways for my projects and have been known to throw out some borderline loco ideas when I really get excited. They don’t always pan out as expected, but the beauty for me is in the imagination and experimentation. I’ve created some of my all-time favorites this way, and this super simple garland is no exception.

Summer Fiesta DIY: Taco Garland | Model Behaviors

One of the best-selling items in my shop has always been a scallop garland. So chic and classy, so festive and fun! And when I was staring at our Taco Tuesday shells last week, I realized they could be made into the most amazing scallop garland, too! A few feet of twine, a handful of felted wool poms, lots of shells and a bit of hot glue, and I was ready to party!

Summer Fiesta DIY: Taco Garland | Model Behaviors


3-5 feet of twine (depending on where you’re hanging the garland)

12-18 felted wool poms (multicolored)

12-18 hard taco shells

Hot glue gun


1. Stretch out your string and place taco shells.

2. Thread your poms between the shells in alternating colors.

3. After all the poms are secure, place a thin line of hot glue in the crease of your first taco shell. Press the length of string between your first two poms onto the hot glue. Hold in place until the shell is secure.

4. Repeat until all the shells are in place. Then hang and enjoy!

If you’re using this indoors, you can skip the hot glue for the shells and just hang them right on the twine. For outdoor use, the wind can be pretty brutal so I would definitely suggest gluing the shells in place. And if you don’t have poms on hand, just line the shells up end to end! I chose to use alternating corn and flour shells for a bit of color variation.

Now you’re ready to kick off your summer season fiesta style! And don’t forget to mix up a Texas-sized batch of Ricki’s famous Beso Caliente margaritas to top it all off!


Summer Fiesta DIY: Taco Garland | Model Behaviors

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