Song of the Week: “Toho” by Yelle

December 30, 2014

“Toho” is off Yelle’s third studio album, Complètement fou. Like a lot of American women, I shamelessly romanticize anything and everything French. I’ve studied abroad in France and lived with a host family. I like to think that gives...

Juice: Candied Apple Ginger

December 29, 2014

Nothing cleanses the body quite like beets—I chuckle to myself as I type that. My friend Simon is terrified of smoothies, and I’m convinced that he had a good dose of beets in some infamous concoction in his past. But, I love a juice...

By Toni

Mom’s Classic Banana Bread/Muffins

December 22, 2014

Normally, I aim for healthy recipes but I’m a real pushover when it comes to the holidays. There are some goodies that I just can’t live without—like banana bread. I’m a banana-fanatic (try saying that fast five times). We always have...

By Toni

Gift Ideas for New or Expecting Moms: Part Two

December 11, 2014

Check out Part One for great ideas for pre- or post-birth services for new or expecting moms! For those of you who would love to give something tangible or send something in the mail, here are my five favorite items that you can wrap...

Last-Minute Gifts That Keep On Giving

December 10, 2014

Is it me or did the Christmas season start the day after Halloween this year? I saw Christmas trees going up on November 1st, heard classic holiday tunes blasting from shops, and noticed Starbucks’ festive red cups coming out earlier...

By Toni

Keep Calm During the Holidays with a Mala

December 9, 2014

When someone says, “I am a spiritual person,” what does that mean? To me, being a spiritual person means you are a person whose highest priority is to be loving to oneself and others. A spiritual person cares about people, animals, and...