Homemade Tagliatelle al Ragu di Carne

August 8, 2016

Just the mention of Tuscany causes me to sway my hips from side to side and close my eyes, losing myself in a deep and melodic daydream. Those golden rolling hills captured in so many Renaissance paintings had me at first sight, and...

By Toni

Pasta Cotto Casserole

June 15, 2015

The past few weeks, I’ve been on a food-freezing mission.  Call it nesting or OCD—though I don’t think that I’ve really changed much either way—I simply wanted to prepare our little family for the newest arrival and instant changes....

By Toni

Vegan Quinoa Pasta Salad

May 18, 2015

When the weather gets warmer, my taste buds get a little finicky. I don’t want anything hot or filling, and sometimes the usual protein sources aren’t very appealing either—chicken, meat, fish. Then it hits me, quinoa!...

By Toni