Wellness Wednesday: EXPLORE

October 21, 2015

All right, everyone. It’s the middle of October. Halloween is so close! Do you have your costume picked out yet? I can’t wait to share pics of mine! This Week’s Thoughts One thing I’ve come to love about each of our words is that you...

By Toni

Wellness Wednesday: SIMPLICITY

August 12, 2015

How did your first week of simplicity go? I over-simplified and didn’t attend to Instagram at all last week.  Instead, I made up for it by sending out a few posts this week.  It’s all about balance in my approach to simplicity....

By Toni

Wellness Wednesday: LOVE

June 17, 2015

This is another one of Barbara’s favorite quotes about love. At first, it may seem strange to think of love as a science, but I think Mother Teresa hit on something profound here. We can study love and we can learn from love, and just...

By Toni