Smoothie: AdvoCare Green Pistachio

August 24, 2014

We’re all about celebrating our love for AdvoCare this month. Whether you’re already hooked on the Meal Replacement Shakes, or you’ve recently figured out what you’ve been missing, add a little kick to your wellness routine. Thank you...

By Toni

Juice: Sour Pineapple

June 10, 2014

Nothing brings me back home to New Mexico and my summer job, lifeguarding at Wet ‘n’ Wild, than the great taste of Green Apple Jolly Ranchers.  I’d sit there for hours getting my candy fix with the feeling of the sun on my cheeks and...

By Toni

back 2 school immunity

September 26, 2013

When seasons begin to change and that dreaded tickle starts working its way to the back of your throat, reach for some leafy greens to boost your immune system. This juice is the perfect pick-me-up combo, but if you’re taking any...

By Toni