Revamp Reveal: Finding the Heart of MB

June 21, 2016

Every few months, Toni and I get together to talk about the future of Model Behaviors—where we can improve, where we’ve seen growth, and any big ideas we might have for the site. In the fall of last year, Toni mentioned this idea of...

Summer Fiesta DIY: Taco Garland

May 20, 2016

Today we have the second part of Holly’s Summer Fiesta DIY! Be sure the check out the first part, where she taught us how to make a tortilla flower dip holder. Not sure what that is? Stop by the post to find out!...

Summer Fiesta DIY: Tortilla Flower Dip Holder

May 13, 2016

Our crafty mama Holly always has something unique up her sleeve. This month, she’s hitting us with a two-part DIY tutorial for creating a cute, festive summer fiesta. From a tortilla flower dip holder this week to a truly clever...

Beach Vibes: Perfect Your Summer Makeup Routine

July 9, 2015

Summer is here, girls! And here are my special summer makeup tips for you. Whether you’ll be spending some time at the beach or sipping margaritas by the pool with your girlfriends, here’s how to perfect your summer makeup routine....

VIDEO: Sneak Peek of MB’s New Look!

June 2, 2015

There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting some of my favorite women all in one place to celebrate our power and strength, as well as our beauty, intelligence, and love. It was time for a summer revamp, so Kathryn F, Holly, and KK...

By Toni

Chunky Gazpacho

August 4, 2014

I have to admit the thought of cold soup scares me like ketchup on ice cream. I’m a hot soup lover through and through, preferring it piping hot, in a deep bowl, and in front of a roaring fire. As you can imagine, Texas summers put a...

By Toni