We’re Celebrating Friendship & Love!

November 24, 2016

Today we are thankful for the friends and family who’ve shared their strength, kindness, and love with us throughout the year. We look forward to many more days spent in laughter, joy, and happiness, and the Behaviorists and I...

By Toni

Courtney’s Cilantro Key Lime Pie

November 16, 2015

Okay, y’all, I’m usually a fancy dessert person. Think crème brûlée, tiramisu, and île flottante, but this pie—this pie!—I might love it a tiny bit more than any dessert I’ve ever had. It’s super light, and the cilantro counterbalances...

Being Thankful: One of the Best Ways to Self-Care

November 27, 2014

Model Behaviors is for the women who do it all, who have the family and the dream job, who run their own company and pursue creative interests, who jet-set around the world and obtain advanced degrees back home. There’s one thing,...

By Toni

Staying Productive During the Holidays

November 13, 2014

With Halloween past and Thanksgiving looming around the corner, the holidays are no time to sit back and relax. At the same time, it’s way too easy to get sucked up in the mad rush of it all and forget the truly important...

By Toni