TEDWomen 2013 Top Ten Inspirations

9. “Technology powered by love can change the world” – Jane Chen

jane c hen

At TEDWomen 2013, we were struck by Jane Chen, co-founder and CEO of Embrace. Through a mix of business sense, technology and compassion, Jane helps stop infant mortality in developing countries. Four million babies die during the first 28 days of their lives, mainly because they aren’t able to stay warm.  Twenty million low-birth-weight and premature babies are born each year.


To help keep these babies warm and alive, Jane created a low cost and safe incubator called the Embrace Infant Warmer. Jane walked us through the challenging steps to create the infant warmer, which included working with the local community, listening and understanding the local mothers and doctors, and finally testing the infant warmer for safety and user friendliness. She remembers one mother who told her she had lost three babies and wished she could have used the infant warmer. This makes Jane and her invention so much more important. Embrace is a non-profit organization. To learn more about them, go to: http://embraceglobal.org/

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